Erin Beaver

Kinder, 2010 acrylic paint, paper 23 x 30 inches

ARTIST STATEMENT Color and form are generated by throwing a balloon filled with paint at a sheet of paper. This explosive action constitutes my painterly concept known as a "gesture" and is done to both sides of the paper. A ball point pen is then used to retrace and examine what happened during the explosion. I liken it to having an argument with a spouse and then later working out the details of what exactly happened with a therapist. Because I am using line to define actions and movements, elements of cartoons, graphic novels, and Japanimation appear in the pieces. Working on a multitude of paintings and sculptures at a time, the pieces are developed in batches. Paintings are often cut up and reused as elements of collage which allows for further exploration of integrating many pieces into a single integrated work.

ARTIST BIO Erin Beaver was born in Seymour, Wisconsin, otherwise known as the "Home of the Hamburger." She now lives in Brooklyn, NY with her husband and no pets. Erin studied sculpture at Cranbrook Academy of Art and has worked at the Mike Weiss Gallery, Deitch Projects, P.S.1, and the Brooklyn Museum of Art. She taught sculpture at Hope College in Holland, Michigan, was the Creative Director and Producer for the Katie Brown Workshop on PBS, and also has her own line of snowsuits and accessories.