Enid Crow

Happy Workers: Who Needs Paid Sick Leave When You've Got Friends, 2009 archival digital photograph 24 x 32 inches

French Nails, 2010 archival digital photograph with glitter 24 x 24 inches


The self-portrait series 'Beauty Queens' is inspired by garish advertisements for fake fingernails and the movie Sex in the City. The photographs are taken in costume, on location in Brooklyn. In the self-portrait series 'Taking Pictures,' I photograph myself as characters taking pictures. In the self-portrait series 'Happy Workers,' I photograph myself as characters talking about their jobs. 


Enid Crow is a member of the Brooklyn Museum of Art's Feminist Art Base and a former fellow of A.I.R. Gallery, the oldest gallery devoted to women's artwork in the United States. Her work has appeared in magazines, album covers, actuarial lectures, and galleries. Crow photographs herself portraying characters such as working class labor in 'Happy Workers,' stereotypical gay men in 'Faggots,' male archetypes in the 'History of Moustaches,' and a variety of people observing tragedy in the 'Disaster' series. Her work frequently comments on gender, sexuality and social issues with humor.