Callie Hirsch

Sea Pods, 2011 iridescent acrylic on black etch paper 32 x 23 inches

Sea Miracles, 2011 iridescent acrylic on black etch paper 32 x 23 inches

My concerns as an artist are twofold: the unearthing and piecing together of archetypal forms, and the exploration of the creative process itself. My paintings are stylized pathways, stories told through intricate designs that both intrigue and reveal. Each painting is an attempt to recreate the power of personal identity as a living organism within the larger, evolving body of human history. Each piece seeks to provoke reactions that in turn feed the energy that furthers the need to create. The graceful line, intricate textures and ambiguous forms entice the viewer into subtle, lingering experiences. I believe that both the everyday and the sacred contain the potential to reach the archetypical experience.

Callie Hirsch has been awarded an MTA Arts for Transit program commission to design art for the subway. Her faceted glass and epoxy panels are installed on the platform of the 105th Street station in the Rockaways. Her designs have also been used on Sweetriot candy tins, which are sold in stores such as Whole Foods and Zabars.