December 1, 2011

Join artist Caroline Mak for a viewing of her dual channel video installation, Dispense/Re-Spool. The video is being shown in conjunction with her ongoing exhibition,Chain Reaction, a 25-foot long site-specific wall installation.

BAC Gallery
111 Front Street,
DUMBO, Brooklyn

Dispense/Re-Spool documents an absurd and futile act. The artist dispensed a spool of Scotch tape, forming a neat column of one inch lengths of tape. The tower of tape was then painstakingly unpeeled, length by length, to attempt to recreate the original roll. The end result is a bizarre, lumpy object - an ultimately futile attempt at the reversal of a reaction. The video installation continues Mak's fascination with attempting to translate and recreate natural processes using man-made and found materials. In the process of trying to re-construct and further understand these processes, systems start to become apparent in the spaces they are assigned to, each self-contained worlds with their own inherent logic.