BBR Archive Corrections

With such a large collection, we realize there may be omissions in the documentation. Below is a list of corrections that was compiled from this online form : Disc 2: - Vado Diomande (not "Diamande") - Mickey Davis and Dancers (not "Mickey Davis") Disc 3: - Afro Mosaic (not "Afro Mosiac") Disc 4/5: - Correct program title is African Dance/Brooklyn Style Symposium Disc 18: - Correct program title is Intergenerations: Toshi Reagon and Friends Disc 20: - The Men's Choir of Concord Baptist Church (not "Concord Men's Choir") - Team T-N-T (not "Team TNT") Disc 41: - Interview with Phil Groves of Singers with a Testimony Disc 44: - Correct program title is The Brooklyn School of Black Visual Artists Disc 49: - mTkalla Keaton (not "Tkalla Keaton") - Garifuna Chanters Disc 54: - Kathyann Hernandez (not "Kathy Ann Hernandez") Disc 69: - Chuk Fowler (not "Chuck Fowler") Disc 73: - DJ Shae Smith (not "DJ Shae") - Coole High (not "Cooley High") - Eye See (not "Isaac") - Ngoma Hill (not "Ngoma") - Tantra-Zawadi (not "Tantra Zawadi") - Tony Reece and The Kutters (not "The Kutters")