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Scene: Brooklyn Shorts Program: Brooklyn in Brief




7 pm - 12 am

BROOKLYN IN BRIEF WEDNESDAY MAY 2, 7PM indieScreen, 285 Kent Ave., Williamsburg $10 PURCHASE TICKETS This screening is presented as part of BAC's Scene: Brooklyn May 2012 Series. A selection of bold, new narrative and documentary shorts from Brooklyn filmmakers that explore the city and how we live in it, and reveal why we need unique New York. 7PM: NARRATIVE SHORTS

Still from Angelfish.

Angelfish Dir. Michael Tyburski, 10min In search of isolation, a young man moves to live aboard a sailboat on New York City's East River.

A Change in the Weather

A Change in the Weather Dir. Adam Welz, 3min - US Premiere One morning during the recession in Brooklyn, New York?

The Other Girl

The Other Girl Dir. Kristan Sprague, 10min - World Premiere When 17 year-old Eddie?s attempts to impress a girl expose her tenuous living situation, Eddie tries to help but learns that he can only do so much.

REDEMPTION, For Colored Boys

REDEMPTION, For Colored Boys Dir. Stacey Muhammad, 12min After nine years in prison Benjamin Boyd, Sr. is determined to reunite his damaged and troubled family.

The Air inside Her

The Air inside Her Dir. Darya Zhuk, 7min - World Premiere When six year-old Katya explores the experience of death she discovers life like she has never seen it before.

Made in China

Made in China Dir. Tinx Chan, 2min A Chinese girl contemplates suicide as she struggles with depression. Will she go through with it?

Try a Little Harder

Try a Little Harder Dir. Antonia Grilikhes-Lasky, 14min - World Premiere Tracy thinks his art sucks. He's upset and the only logical course of action is to take it out on someone else.

Poster for Same Same

Same Same Dir. Dylan Allen, 7min, World Premiere In a homogenous world, a man struggles to crack an impossible task.

Up On The Farm (trailer) from Diane Nerwen on Vimeo.

Up on the Farm Dir. Diane Nerwen, 16min - NY Premiere A meditation on urban green spaces and the post-industrial cityscape, Up on the Farm explores a one-acre rooftop organic farm in New York City. Connecting the built and natural environments, this video documents an imaginative experiment in green urban redevelopment.

Married Hair

Married Hair Dir. Rebecca Israel & Danny Pickering, 8min An inside glance at 'Kosher Wigs' and the married Jewish women that wear them.

The Dentist

The Dentist Dir. Alex Mallis, 8min Beneath the sterile waiting room, Novocain, and root canals lies a decades-old secret visited by adventurers from across the globe.

We Do Too

We Do Too Dir. Meghan Sims, 7min - NY Premiere Two brothers remember the trauma they suffered as small children from an experience that taught them that children die.


Newtown Dir. Sarah Choi, 8min - World Premiere Underneath the glamor and glory of Manhattan lie the remains of century-long environmental injustice, yet no one really knows about the largest oil spill that has taken place in Newtown Creek. This short documentary reveals both the history and reality of this forgotten waterway.

Occupy Our Homes

Occupy Our Homes ? Homeowners Speak Out Dir. Messiah Rhodes, 5min Two homeowners describe how the foreclosure crisis has caused angst and frustration for themselves and their communities. They have been fighting for years to keep their home and see the Occupy movement as an opportunity for others to do the same.

Emerging Face of a Nationless World

Emerging Face of a Nationless World Dir. Jie-Song Zhang, 6min ?Emerging Face of a Nationless World? is a global campaign, working to create a platform connecting communities across the world. By the end of 2012, it will have established representation in 40-50 countries. This short film is the first multi-media piece born of the campaign.

Made in China

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