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Scene: Brooklyn Shorts Slam and Closing Night Party




6 pm - 12 am

SHORTS SLAM & CLOSING NIGHT PARTY SUNDAY MAY 6, 6PM Galapagos Art Space, 16 Main St., DUMBO $12 PURCHASE TICKETS This screening is presented as part of BAC's Scene: Brooklyn May 2012 Series. The strange, the sublime, the subversive ? experimental documentaries, music videos and animated works from Brooklyn voices. Followed by the presentation of our Audience Choice Award-winners. Audience members will have the opportunity to vote on site for the winner of the Best of Scene: Brooklyn Audience Award.

Morning Light

Morning Light Dir. Colin Sonner, 13min A young girl flees from domestic brutality and a fundamentalist marriage into the desert.

My Butterfly

My Butterfly Dir. Joe Pomarico, 27min ? World Premiere A tragic love story, inspired by the music and times of Maria Callas, this 1950's period piece plays like an opera. Jack, a handsome young man meets Maria, a beautiful writer, and the two develop a relationship that parallels the intensity of the accompanying sound track of arias, mainly sung by Maria Callas. The situation is complicated when their relationship is challenged by a stunning young woman named Eve.

Transference Love

Transference Love Dir. Sonya Goddy, 10min A woman's reunion with her father takes unexpected turns when he brings along his young, attractive girlfriend.

Brooklyn Forever

Brooklyn Forever Dir. Jessie Brugger, 4min ? NY Premiere A story of growing up in Brooklyn and the hard realities of the street life for a young man told by hip hop artist Derrick Harden and animated by Jessie Brugger. Stop motion animation accomplished with clay and mixed media drawing materials.

The Hungry Boy

The Hungry Boy Dir. Jake Nelson and Cem Kurtulus, 4min ? NY Premiere A series of paintings follow a stream of consciousness. The Hungry Boy is on a quest for his next meal. In order to find his way to the family supper, he lives a whole life in seconds and overcomes challenges to his own existence.


Awake Dir. Paul Birman, 10min ? World Premiere A man who has not sleep in years accidentally falls asleep and struggles with his desire to dream once again.

Bedtime Stories with Abraham Willosby

Bedtime Stories with Abraham Willosby Dir. Joseph Bennett, 3min Profound Southern gentleman Abraham Willosby tells of his vast and expansive collection of books before reading us a bedtime story.

Not White White

Not White White Dir. Preston Spurlock, 3min ? NY Premiere Music Video for the artist Ching Ching.

Beirut, Baby

Beirut, Baby Dir. Malin Abrahamsson, 6min A silent, visual reaction to the city of Beirut.

Obduro! Dir Rosie DuPont, 4min A fable about artistic bravery and perseverance. When Rex the evil Robot attacks, Carmen's egg is crushed. Will Carmen have the courage to defend another egg from Rex's evil intentions?

Quartz (Crinkles)

Quartz (Crinkles) Dir. Sean Thomas Hanley, 2min A music video for the Brooklyn-based band Crinkles.

The Rainbow

The Rainbow Dir. Donald Prokop, 7min A video for the Chicago post rock band Zelienople as part of their contribution to a Talk Talk tribute album.

Lost Acres

Lost Acres Dir. Jennifer Stock, 3min A setting of text by poet Theodore Roethke, using custom-built software to process videos of New York City, creating an abstracted vision of a city at night. Stock composed the music using processed piano sounds that she recorded in her studio

The Dog

The Dog Dir. William Holden, 10min ? NY Premiere Diego's run out of money and friends and now he's got to figure out what to do next. He just gave his last $300 to a crackpot scam artist. Diego thinks he's looking for the truth, a better life, but if truth is only the means what is the end?

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