Apply to Perform

BAC performing artists draw on the multiculturalism of Brooklyn and the array of repertoires citywide. We seek artists who can engage their audience, provide educational context and demonstrate a successful track record of performing in NYC public schools.

Our programs enrich learning in our schools while supporting artists’ contributions to our community. BAC assemblies educate and entertain through performance, narration, and student participation. Ideal performances are suitable for all age groups and are no longer than 45 minutes.

Selection Process

We select new assembly performance groups on a rolling basis throughout the school year. Special attention is made to groups that can provide performance dates for BAC staff to attend, or dynamic documentation (video trailers, etc.) of the group in a school or senior setting.

Selection Criteria

BAC Arts in Education selects performing artists and groups based on the following criteria:

Artistic Excellence

  • Quality and scope of artist's/group’s work
  • Depth of knowledge of a discipline
  • Demonstrated commitment to on-going professional growth

Ability to Engage Our Audiences

  • Substantial experience in NYC public schools
  • Passion for nurturing the arts in schools
  • Ability to incorporate the creative process
  • Ability to integrate school curriculum
  • Commitment and ability to incorporate the NYS Learning Standards in the Arts and the NYC Blueprint for Teaching and Learning in the Arts
  • Quality of program design and content 
  • Ability to reach all students based on an understanding of diverse developmental levels

Professional Experience and collaborative planning skills

  • Understanding of each site's needs (schools, after-school, and community-based organizations, etc.)
  • Ability to plan with others and articulate goals and objectives
  • Ability to communicate and work collaboratively with site contacts
  • Adaptability to varying student populations, school environments, and resource availability

Please call us at 718-625-0080 if you have any questions regarding the application or our selection process.