Eyeshot, 2006

Eyeshot dir. Diana Heise ( Documentary, 20mins, 2006 World Premiere After 30 years of silence, my uncle unearthed his collection of 8mm film reels, 35mm slides, and objects from his tours in Vietnam and his membership in the National Guard. The video is a subjective investigation of violence, history, and representation through these materials from his Army career. Instead of a polarized discussion of anti- or pro-war, Eyeshot is devoted to considering the emotional and intellectual scars which warfare inflicts.
Et Nyt Rum I Rummet /A New Space Within a Space dir. Nanna Debois Buhl ( Experimental, 8mins, 2006 U.S. Premiere Dialogue in Danish and Norwegian with English subtitles The film is based on the story of an episode experienced by a Danish and a Norwegian women at a pub in Nottingham, England. In 1992 both were au pairs in Nottingham where they met each other at a language course. They became friends and later fell in love.

Significant Other ,2006

Significant Other dir. Desmond Andrews ( Narrative, 38mins, 2006 It is a story that spans more than 50 years about love not fulfilled and yet not lost. Two people pressured to make painful choices by society?s temperament, not their own.
Brainstormers' Weather Report dir. Maria Dumlao ( co-dir: Maria Dumlao, Elaine Kaufmann, Danielle Mysliwiec, and Anne Polashenski Narrative, 9mins, 2006 World Premiere Brainstormers is a performance art collective that has committed to bring gender politics into the public dialogue and to challenge the current power structure to change its ways. In the "Weather Report," the Brainstormers playfully forecast the art world.


Millions (a Lottery Story) dir. Paul la Blanc ( Documentary, 101mins, 2006 New York Premiere *Best Brooklyn Film A documentary about six different people with several million things in common.
Pharaohs, Queens and Goddesses Target First Saturdays at Brooklyn Museum Brooklyn Museum Cantor Auditorium 200 Eastern Parkway, Brooklyn Admission: Free
INSTALLATIONS Lily and Me and PPD dir. Joan Nidzyn ( Documentary, 17mins, 2006 New York Premiere Silent film Lily and Me and PPD is part visual journal, part self-portrait, and part home movie. The film delicately investigates a personal journey through pregnancy, birth and postpartum depression. Note to Self: there's a hot sauce stain on my Gucci bag dir. Jessica Ann Peavy ( School of Visual Arts, 5 Channel Video Installation, 2mins, 2006 As a black female one is constantly hyperaware of surroundings. There is often a feeling of being watched and judged. It is for this reason that one feels the need to perform a specific character type to assimilate in an environment. There is an inner conflict that comes from this performance: I don?t want to be considered stereotypical, but I shouldn?t have to change myself for you.
SCREENINGS Walking Tales for Maidens dir. Elizabeth Hall ( Experimental, 4mins, 2006 World Premiere Narrated in English and French. A late modern fairytale about a relationship gone bad and the quest for a life of never ending walking and endless freedom. Shot on location in a snow covered New England landscape, low-tech ?special effects? evoke the long ago and faraway place and time of the European fairytale as the film?s ornately costumed heroine embarks upon a walking journey.


Christine. 1403. dir. Erica Berg ( Narrative, 13mins, 2006 World Premiere Set in the midst of the 100 Years War and inspired by the allegorical writings of Christine de Pizan, France?s first professional woman writer. On a journey to bury her husband, Christine is drawn forth by the echoing voice of Lady Earth. At the graveside and overwhelmed as the mourners stitch up her husband in his shroud, Christine meets Lady Earth in her mind, and is consoled. A cry for peace from the 1400?s, the film is visually stark, incorporating lush colors and striking performances.
Conspiracy Theory dir. Jazmynae Young ( Bay Area Video Coalition (Youth) Experimental, 6mins, 2006 World Premiere A group of unique young women expose a refreshing glimpse into the complexity of love, dating, and romance.
The Life dirs. Jarayah Bolton & Ashantay Edwards ( TRUCE (Youth) Narrative, 9mins, 2006 World Premiere Rose is a 15 year old girl from Harlem, desperate to get out of the ?hood. But when she meets Netta, she finds a reason to stay. However, Netta has a secret. Will Rose find out the truth?

Counting Headz: South Afrika's Sistaz in Hip-Hop,2006

Counting Headz: South Afrika's Sistaz in Hip-Hop dirs. Erin Offer & Vusi Magubane ( Documentary, 50mins, 2006 North American Premiere Partially subtitled in English Is there a contradiction of values between African cultures and hip hop culture? Is it possible to reconcile the two? This ground-breaking documentary reveals the struggles and victories of South Africa's women from the perspectives of three major actors in South Africa?s hip hop scene.
Evocation dir. Jaeyoon Park ( School of Visual Arts Animation, 4mins, 2006 Evocation is a visual ode influenced by the poem ?Evocation? written by Kim So Wol. The poem consists of strong emotional conflicts that occur from losing a loved one. These develop Han, through ironic or paradoxical emotions. The transformation suggests the spiritual growth of the soul.
To Spiti me tis Elies/House of the OliveTrees dir. Thouly Dosios ( UCLA Narrative, 29mins, 2006 North American Premiere Dialogue in Greek with English subtitles Anna's manifesto is crystal clear: complete and utter independence from humans. While floating on a yellow rubber duck in the middle of the sea, safe and content in her unbearable loneliness, she meets Markos. Soon she finds herself searching for a place in a world where intimacy and pain are inseparable.

Manhattan, Kansas,2006

Manhattan, Kansas dir. Tara Wray ( Documentary, 79mins, 2006 *Best Film Manhattan, Kansas is a personal documentary about a daughter coping with her mentally unstable mother. It delves into the complicated ways people care for one another, and offers insight into the mind of a parent struggling for physical and emotional survival, and the effects this has on those who love her.
INDEPENDENT FILMMAKERS Brooklyn Museum Cantor Auditorium 200 Eastern Parkway, Brooklyn Admission: Free with museum admission INSTALLATIONS I'm not Mexican: 'An Exploration of Venezuelan Identity' dir. Ligia Carvallo ( Experimental, 5mins, 2005 North American Premiere I have lived in the United States for almost eight years. Many times I have been mistaken for Mexican presumably because of the color of my skin and the fact that I speak Spanish. It seems that the entire spectrum of Latin American peoples, and cultures, is enfolded into the singular cultural identity of ?Mexican.? While I do not desire to stereotype in reverse, I perceive that many people in the US understand things (people, places, food, culture, music, etc.) as Latin but are not informed as to the idiosyncrasies of the diversity of Latin America: one that consists of many people, countries, and cultures. The Truth of the Matter dir. Car Nazzal ( Experimental, 3mins, 2006 The Truth of the Matter presents two girls sitting in suits, drinking tea in the rain. The background frames show us images of their current thoughts, feelings, and daydreams. In order for the characters to understand each other's perspective they must first emerge from their respective worlds and relate to one another. In doing so, they are able to better understand their own frame of mind.

Un, Deux, Trois, Crépuscule /One, Two, Three, Dusk,2006

SCREENINGS Un, Deux, Trois, Crépuscule /One, Two, Three, Dusk dir. Felix Dufour-Laperriere ( Animation, 16min, 2006 U.S. Premiere Dawn, a young woman and the end of the day in a three part, unstable biography. A short film between narration and abstraction, a thin narrative line lost and found again, a biography of a young woman, a day in her everyday life. A reflection about the various relationships between the individual and the group.

Snail dir. Michael Langan ( Rhode Island School of Design Animation, 1min, 2005 World Premiere Based on a haiku by Kobayashi Issa, Snail attempts to reflect the simplistic beauty of the natural world, the aloneness offered by a forest, and the excitement of a quiet encounter with a tiny creature.
Fission dir. Kun-I Chang ( Animation, 5mins, 2006 World Premiere A motion graphic film about a man who sees himself as a graffiti on the wall.
Kiwi! dir. Dony Permedi ( Animation, 3mins, 2006 World Premiere An animated short telling the story of a Kiwi and what he is willing to do to achieve his dreams.


Mirage dir. Youngwoong Jang ( School of Visual Arts Animation, 8mins, 2006 *Best Animation I have been trying to make my life better but now I am thinking about what I have been missing. The way is not in the sky. The way is in the heart.
Die Geschichte vom Wassermann/The Story of Water Sprite dirs. Thomas Büsch and Sabine Küper-Büsch ( Documentary, 52mins, 2006 North American Premiere Dialogue in German, Czech, subtitled in English *Best Short Documentary Czech writer Antonin Mares travels with his nephew Frantisek through his homeland on the path of his narration 'The story of Watermann'. A beautiful tale about exile, traveling, water and individual freedom.

All the Days Before Tomorrow,2006

All the Days Before Tomorrow dir. Francois Dompierre ( Narrative, 100mins, 2006 New York Premiere *Best Feature Narrative The story of the unmistakable chemistry between two people who are right for each other, but at the wrong moment in time. Follow the emotional road trip that reveals the gritty details of how Wes has been trying so hard to forget about Alison, and all the reasons why Alison can?t seem to forget about Wes. It takes a long time to know someone. It takes even longer to know yourself.
?NEW VISIONARIES? College Student Films and Videos Long Island University, Spike Lee Screening Room 1 University Plaza (Flatbush and DeKalb Avenues) Brooklyn Admission: Free

The Little Gorilla,2006

DREAMS The Little Gorilla dir. Harry Kellerman ( Columbia University, Narrative, 12mins, 2006 World Premiere The Little Gorilla is about a boy who must find the courage to climb a tall and scary jungle gym. In the shadows of looming NYC skyscrapers, and an older brother who lacks faith, the Little Gorilla must unchain the King Kong within.
Flying Machines dir. Jett Steiger ( Savannah College of Art and Design, Narrative, 11mins, 2006 World Premiere While clearing out her late husband's study, a widow finds the key that will unlock all her husband's secret projects.

Dear Lemon Lima,2006

Dear Lemon Lima dir. Suzi Yoonessi ( Columbia University, Narrative, 11mins, 2006 World Premiere A lonely 13-year old girl with a vivid imagination overcomes her first heartbreak with angel-headed dorks on a serendipitous summer day.

The Touch,2006

CRAFTED EMOTIONS: ANIMATION AND EXPERIMENTAL FILM The Touch dir. Vanessa Woods ( San Francisco Art Institute, Experimental, 3mins, 2006 The Touch is a meditation on Anne Sexton?s poem of the same name. The film examines melodies within spoken, written and visual language and how they can interact. Because the subject of the poem deals specifically with the idea of touch, the film sustains a highly tactile, textural quality.
Windows, Masks, Doors dir. Sarah Orenstein ( Rhode Island School of Design, Animation, 5mins, 2006 Both visual and aural motifs are utilized to create an old radio music box and it?s conductor who tunes a medley of tracks revealing masked players hidden. Tinkering with the idea of a music conductor/train conductor and music tracks/train tracks, the viewer is given a carnival ride on a toy train through the perpetually changing sets of the radio and the shadowy imagination of a masked traveler.


eaten dir. Anne Haydock ( University of Iowa, Experimental, 6mins, 2006 A game of dress-up: windows and wallpaper, hawks and moths, olive loaf and tinfoil. The sounds and gestures of the everyday gather to become the pre-articulated vocabulary of desire, anxiety, and basic human needs.
2 dir. Kim Anderson ( Concordia University, Animation, 3mins, 2006 World Premiere Dialogue in French, Finnish & English with no translations available An animated meditation on human communication through visual language.
RECOLLECTIONS Cinema L?Amour dir. Aaron Hancox ( Concordia University, Documentary, 15mins, 2006 U.S. Premiere Cinema L'Amour is a short, character-driven documentary about one of the last and largest porn theatres in North America.

The Projectionist,2006

The Projectionist dir. Elaine Liu ( New York University, Narrative, 12mins, 2006 In Mandarin with English subtitles Set during the Chinese Cultural Revolution in 1966, this short film tells the story of a projectionist who accidentally inverts a film featuring Chairman Mao. The townsfolk and Red Guard are so enraged by the upside down image of one of China's most feared and revered leaders that the innocent mistake results in dire consequences for the projectionist.
Secondhand (Pepe) dir. Vanessa Bertozzi & Hanna Shell ( Harvard University, Documentary, 30mins, 2007 World Premiere Dialogue in French, Creole subtitled in English * Best Short Documentary, College When we remix secondhand clothing?s past and present, we uncover the underground history of immigrants and the fabric that connects us all. Secondhand (Pepe) recycles the story of the Jewish ragman with the contemporary Haitian pepe dealer. 'It's all pepe, all the time.'


FEATURED SHORT FILM Nes/Miracle dir. Evgeny Ruman ( Tel-Aviv University, Narrative, 30mins, 2006 In Russian and Hebrew with English subtitles Since his wife was killed in a road accident 8 years ago, Valera has been raising his son Max by himself. While trying to get money for a trip with his son to Russia, Valera discovers a fact which would change everything he believes in.


SONY WONDER SELECTS YOUTH VIDEOS Sony Wonder Technology Lab, Manhattan Admission: Free. Must arrive by 4:45pm Jewmaican dir. Melinda Tenenzapf, Midwood High School The Lab: Reel Works Teen Filmmaking Documentary, 9mins, 2006 Melinda had the world against her from about day one. Her mom committed suicide when Melinda was four months old ? it goes without saying that her death was a tragedy. But Melinda?s story brightened when Beverly entered her life. Beverly was a Jamaican woman who was hired to be Melinda?s nanny, but ultimately came to seem like her mom.

Modeled Citizens,2006

Modeled Citizens dir. Vincent Turturice, High School of Telecommunications, Arts and Technology The Lab: Reel Works Teen Filmmaking Documentary, 9mins, 2006 Modeled Citizens tells the story of my shocking switch from private to public school in Brooklyn, New York. It describes my immediate reactions and assumptions upon entering the school, some of my experiences there and the differences I perceived and eventually came to understand.


Comfort dir. Erica Lamy, Midwood High School The Lab: Reel Works Teen Filmmaking Documentary, 6mins, 2006 My film is about how I use food as comfort and how it led to me struggling with obesity. I describe my journey to take control of my eating habits, as well as health, so that I can live more healthily and happily.

So It Goes,2006

So It Goes dir. Max Blecker, Brooklyn Technical High School The Lab: Reel Works Teen Filmmaking Documentary, 14mins, 2006 So It Goes is a story about my search to discover who my father really is, while at the same time telling the story of his life. It?s a combination of altered views of him that I attempted to boil down to truth.

Out of the Picture,2006

Out of the Picture dir. Dameon Mills, Edward R. Murrow High School The Lab: Reel Works Teen Filmmaking Documentary, 9mins, 2006 After migrating to the U.S. about two years ago, I started missing my father terribly. In my eagerness to find out how it really feels to grow up without a father figure around, I decided to interview teenage boys who grew up without their father to understand how it has affected their lives.

The Chosen One,2006

dir. Corrine Phillips, Midwood High School The Lab: Reel Works Teen Filmmaking Documentary, 9mins, 2006 When my father passed away I started a self-discovery. In the process, I found out that I have biological relatives in this world. All the trials and tribulations that I went through determined this film. In this film the process of self-discovery captures the essence of my life.
?AFTER HOURS? SCREENING Brooklyn Museum Cantor Auditorium 200 Eastern Parkway, Brooklyn Arts Council Admission: Free with museum admission Sky Street Broadway, New York, NY dir. Ye Leen Lee ( Hunter College Experimental, 8mins, 2005 World Premiere *Best Experimental Film ?I walked uptown to downtown on Broadway of Manhattan one day. I lived in Broadway for a day. It is categorized as the sky work series of my works. This work includes the changing sky color over time during the day. No scenes are edited, just compacted as 8 minutes. It has the whole situation of my passing day.?

Aisle 73,2006

Aisle 73 dir. Olivia Silver ( UCLA Narrative, 16mins, 2006 *Best Short Narrative After his dog dies, Henry Burnbaum never wants to look at oatmeal, pills, or his chatterbox wife Frances again. On a trip to the local supermarket Henry meets Gladys, the flashy new girl in town, and his long-dead adolescence springs to life. After a half-intimate, half-lunatic conversation, Henry leaves with Gladys' phone number in hand. But when he decides to give Gladys a call that evening, her eager response makes him think twice.

Rain in a Dry Land,2006

Rain in a Dry Land dir. Anne Makepeace ( Documentary, 82mins, 2006 *Best Feature Documentary Rain in a Dry Land is a riveting portrait of families in transition. After thirteen years in refugee camps, two Somali Bantu families arrive in twenty-first century America, a world as strange to them as the moon. Their poetry, humor, and amazing resilience shows us our own world through new eyes.


Sinner dir. Marc Benardout ( ) Narrative, 94mins, 2006 NYC Premiere *Best Feature Narrative Hidden away in small town America, in an anemic parish on the brink of bankruptcy, Father Anthony Romano finds himself at a mid-career crisis in the wake of both his personal conflicts and the real world scandals that have left the Catholic Church an anathema to so many. When his junior colleague, a fundamentalist named Stephen, clashes with a prostitute who preys on Catholic priests, Anthony finds his private world invaded and his deepest secrets exposed by a modern day Mary Magdalene.
INSTALLATION Born dir. Ryan Myers ( Experimental, 7mins, 2006 World Premiere Born, an innovative new short, utilizes experimental lighting and cinematography to explore the inner consciousness of a modern African-American woman.
YOUTH 11:30 am Where Do I Come From? Dir. Earlene Stevens ( TRUCE, Experimental narrative, 4mins, 2006 World Premiere A young African-American woman examines her African roots, and its influence on her identity.
Then and Now dir. Krystal Hall ( TRUCE, Experimental narrative, 3mins, 2006 World Premiere A poetic exploration of a young African-American woman's quest to understand her roots and their connection to her own identity.
Conspiracy Theory dir. Jazmynae Young ( Bay Area Video Coalition, Experimental documentary, 6mins, 2006 World Premiere A group of unique young women expose a refreshing glimpse into the complexity of love, dating, and romance.

American Red and Black: Stories of Afro-Native Identity,2006

INDEPENDENT American Red and Black: Stories of Afro-Native Identity dir. Alicia Woods ( Washington University, Documentary, 39mins, 2006 This intimate film follows six Afro-Native Americans from around the U.S., as they reflect upon the personal and complex issues of Native and African heritage, ethnic identity and racism within communities of color.

Heroes Wanted,2006

Heroes Wanted dir. Marquette Jones ( New York University, Narrative, 4mins, 2006 World Premiere A homeless man finds much more than he bargains for during his daily grind. What happens next challenges our notions of what it means to be a 'hero' in today's society.
Black Woman Walking dir. Tracey Rose ( Documentary, 7mins, 2007 World Premiere Black Woman Walking presents a dialogue among women of color that explores the nuances of street harassment. Through personal stories and analysis, the women interviewed reveal how this accepted, socially tolerable form of violence affects the way they view themselves, the men in their communities, and the potential for violence that lives at the intersection of race and gender.
Awareness of Wolves dir. J. Johnson ( New York Institute of Technology, Narrative, 11mins, 2006 World Premiere A young woman is given a horrifying lesson on personal security.

Rose?s Brew,2004

Rose?s Brew dir. Jessica Ann Peavy ( New York University, Narrative, 18mins, 2004 *Jury Award, Best Film ? Women of African Descent Film Festival When a vain yet self-conscious Rose moves to a new city and has a little accident that slightly alters her appearance, she swears off the public life forever, until her best friends convince her to visit a jazz club. Drawn to the saxophone players charming charisma, she falls head over heels. After a short, yet invigorating relationship, he pulls her from her shell and she realizes that there is more to life than looks - there could possibly be love.
The Wannabe dir. Althea Wasow ( Columbia University, Narrative, 24mins, 2006 1990. The Bronx. A young man dares to cross the line between reality and fantasy. What price should he pay? Based on a true story connected to a shooting at the legendary Palladium nightclub.
Don?t Tell Me You Love Me dir. Thato R. Mwosa ( Narrative, 40mins, 2005M Thabo and Masedi are an African couple living in America. Recently unemployed Thabo is on the path of self-destruction and resorts to violence towards his wife, Masedi, who confronts her fears and emotions through poetry. When Thabo discovers the poem; life imitates art imitating life. Can Masedi reconcile the contradictions between her consciousness as a writer, a woman, and a wife?

Love...& Other 4 Letter Words,2006

Love...& Other 4 Letter Words dir. Steven Ayroloomi, Tangi Miller (Exec. Producer) ( Olivia Entertainment, Narrative, 90mins, 2006 World Premiere This warm hearted romantic comedy tells the story of Stormy La Rue, a Chicago TV talk show host and 'Oprah Wannabe.' The only thing she loves as much as her pursuit of television greatness is her grandmother, who raised her in the 'deep south.' Stormy would do anything to please her 'Nana,' even if it means lying to her on her deathbed! Stormy tries to pull of the biggest show of her faking her own wedding!
Bushwick Homecomings dir. Stefanie Joshua ( Documentary, 38mins, 2006 Bushwick Homecomings is a film which searches for answers to questions about the quality of life in Bushwick, Brooklyn during the 1980's and '90s by a native Brooklynite.