Arts in Education

Government Resources

Local and national government agency resources.

Art Works - National Endowment for the Arts

NEA is the largest annual national funder of the arts in the U.S. to support local individual artists and organizations.

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New York City Board of Education, Office of Arts Education

Through the ArtsCount initiative which tracks student participation in arts education, annual Arts in School Report, and development of visual arts, music, theatre and dance teachers, the New York City Board of Education hopes to provide a high-quality arts education to all public schools.

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New York City Department of Education

The New York City Department of Education is the largest system of public schools in New York, and they aim to provide information to parents and families to participate in the public schools’ programs and initiatives.

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New York State Education Department

NYSED aims to raise the knowledge, skills and opportunity of the people of New York through their program offices which cover a broad spectrum of arts education in New York.

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New York State Learning Standards

Gives a list of the learning standards for the Arts, Career Development, English Language and others.

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The President's Committee on the Arts & Humanities

The President’s Committee believes that the arts and humanities should be part of the education of every child in America.

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