Posting to the BAC Calendar

BAC Community Arts Grants Recipients

Requirements and procedure for using the self-listing service on the BAC Calendar. 

You must have a public BAC profile

Your event will be directly linked to your profile. See the Receiving Your Grant page for details on maintaining your BAC profile. 

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Only BAC funded events may be posted to the calendar.

Calendar events must be funded by BAC via our Community Arts Fund, Local Arts Support, or Arts Education Partnership Grants.

Other events, such as:

  • fundraisers
  • crowd funding campaigns
  • calls for artists
  • programming not funded by BAC

Should be posted to the BAC Forum to ensure we share them on Facebook and Twitter. Reviews, editorial items, announcements and last-minute posts should be emailed to 


Your calendar post must include these items:

  • 2 Images
    1 event image and 1 teaser image*
  • Event Title 
  • Teaser copy
    200 characters, will appear in the calendar page under the teaser image 
  • Event description.**
    This should detail: what the event is, who is involved, location (address, concise transport available), ticket info (price range, discounts, where to buy), and/or links to website/press. 

*There are image size qualifications. Use the instructional PDF download on this page for re-sizing tips.  

**Do not copy/paste directly from your word processor (Word, Pages, etc.) or directly from a flyer. This can cause indecipherable characters to appear when saving or unreadable copy. You must wipe out all formatting before you post to the site. You can do this by pasting your content into a text editor such as Notepad or Text Edit before you paste to the form.

How to post your event to the BAC Calendar:

  • Log into your BAC account
  • Click the ‘New Post’ icon and add the required information and photos into the form provided.
  • Under ‘BAC Forum Topics’ select ‘events’ on the category dropdown.
  • At the bottom of the submission form, you will see fields that are only available to current grantees. These will allow you to enter date and time, and check a box that adds your event to the BAC Calendar. 

Once a BAC administrator has reviewed and approved your event it will appear on the BAC Calendar.