Manage your BAC Profile

BAC Community Arts Grants Recipients

If you have been required to log on to BAC’s website at any point, (during the application process, for example), you have an account in the BAC database. This is the account that you will need to be logged into for any Grantee reporting going forward. If you have not made your profile public already, you have the option of joining the BAC Artist registry or Directory of Organizations. 

BAC’s Artist Registry is a searchable database of Brooklyn artists, and an indispensable advocacy tool for BAC. Any Brooklyn artist can create a profile to showcase their work, post upcoming events to our forum, and interact with other local artists.  As a BAC Grantee, it is strongly suggested that you create/update your BAC profile as soon as possible. Having a BAC Profile will enable you to: 

  • Post your funded event to the BAC Calendar,
  • Share calls for artists, crowdfunding campaigns, non-funded events and opportunities to with BAC forum, 
  • Be highlighted as a BAC Grantee on our website, 
  • Receive our bi-monthly Artist News and Opportunities email, 
  • Have the opportunity to be a featured artist or organization in our newsletter and on our blog, 
  • Be counted in regular reporting to elected officials about arts and culture in Brooklyn. 

It is very important that you do not create a duplicate account! Instructions on how to create or update your profile are availabel via download to the right.