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Mothersongs: Traditional Singing by, for, and about Mothers

Sunday, May 11, 2014




1 pm - 3 pm

Bring your mother, grandmother, daughter or yourself to this celebratory Mother’s Day brunch time concert presenting traditional Mother songs:  Georgian women’s songs with the trio "Magnolia" (Mzia Bekurashvili, Zaira Chokheli and Manana Chitauri), Turkish and Rumeli songs with Jenny Luna and her band Dolunay, Yiddish lullabies with Amanda Miryem-Khaye Seigel, Crimean Tatar wedding routines with Uriye Hanim Kermenchikkli and her daughter Dinara and Yemen Jewish women’s wedding songs presented by Shoshana Tubi and her daughter Roselle Silverstein. Lite brunch served and opportunities throughout the concert for audience learning and singing together.

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**Brunch provided by LaBagel Delight

This event is presented as part of:

Brooklyn Arts Council’s The Sweetest Song Festival (TSS), is a month long focus on Brooklyn’s traditional singers and song styles. From April 26 through May 27, The Sweetest Song will present 12 concerts and 8 singing master classes at various Brooklyn venues. The programs will explore a range of singing traditions as practiced and performed in Brooklyn’s immigrant and diaspora communities and engage New Yorkers in a creative, cross-cultural exchange with some of the finest traditional singers living in Brooklyn.

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Malika Granville

Marketing and Communications Manager, Brooklyn Arts Council

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