Panel Disciplines

BAC Community Arts Grants

An artistic discipline and project-type guide, based on typically successful proposals.  A list of current funded projects is available here.

All proposed projects must have a public component that meets the program's criteria.  


Artistic or cultural arts projects that consist of primarily dance and/or movement-based performative work in all genres and styles. 

Past successful projects: festivals; workshops; public performances in traditional or non-traditional venues or spaces. 

Folk Arts

Artistic or cultural arts projects that are rooted in and reflective of, a cultural life of a specific community bound by common heritage, cultural values, language, religion, or geographic region. Folk arts applicants must be able to identify how their project is situated in an artistic tradition. Folk arts are passed down from generation to generation, most often within family and community, through demonstration, conversation and practice. Proposals in this discipline are often multi-disciplinary in nature. 

Past successful projects: community workshops and performances; lecture-demonstrations; festivals; public performances. 

Film/Media Arts

Artistic or cultural arts projects in all genres and styles that utilize the moving image or audio storytelling as medium. Brooklyn as subject is not a requirement. Projects that are closer to completion and have plans to be shown to a Brooklyn audience are most competitive. 

Past successful projects: Film, Video Art, Internet series, Documentary projects; Festivals; Podcasts; projects made in Brooklyn for a Brooklyn audience. 

Interdisciplinary Art

Artistic projects that assimilate aspects of the fine, performing and media arts into a new, innovative, and culturally engaging work.  

Previous successful projects have explored new approaches to art-making through social engagement; performance art; or visual or performative work with an integral web, scientific or technological component.  

Literary Arts

Artistic or cultural arts projects in all genres and styles that consist primarily of the written and/or spoken word. 

Past successful projects: community writing workshops, groups/salons and/or readings; literary magazines online and in print; performance poetry; literary festivals. 

Multi-Disciplinary projects

Artistic or cultural arts projects that utilize multiple dispirate disciplines, engaging a specific Brooklyn community.

Past successful projects have included ongoing multi-disciplinary artist salons; ongoing variety shows and/or festivals; cultural community building events.  


Artistic or cultural arts projects that involve musical performance in any genre or style.  Proposals that seek funding solely for studio recording, record releases, and/or ‘general gigging’ are not competitive in this program. 

Past successful projects: community concerts; workshops; festivals; ongoing music series/salons in traditional and non-traditional venues. 


Artistic or cultural theatrical arts projects in any genre or style. Projects by theater artists/companies with a history of creating and implementing projects with a clear production timeline, and work that is out of the developmental stages are most competitive in this panel. Previous successful proposals have included traditional plays or musicals, original work, ensemble-driven devised performances.  

Past successful projects: community workshops; festivals; public performances in traditional and non-traditional spaces; community-based story gathering and telling.

Visual Arts

Artistic or cultural visual arts projects in any medium or form, in any genre or style.  

Past successful projects: curatorial projects; pop-up galleries; workshops; themed exhibitions; photo documentary projects; public art.