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Georgian and Ukrainian Dance on the Brighton Beach Boardwalk

Georgian Folk Dance



2 pm - 5 pm

Brighton Beach, often referred to as "Little Russia," is an important hub for groups that emerged from the post-soviet union.  Dance is an important tool for expressing the independent identities of post-soviet states like Georgia and the Ukraine.  This program will feature free performances and workshops, on the Brighton Beach boardwalk, from the Dancing Crane company, a prominent Brooklyn-based New York organization for the Georgian performance arts of dance, music and theater since 1997. Ukrainian dance will be taught and presented by Roman Lewkowicz. Mr. Lewkowicz will perform Ukrainian dance with live music and give free lessons in the Pryvit, a welcome dance representing the hospitable soul of the Ukrainian people as well as traditional dances representative of the Kozak style found in the Zaporizhiya region of Ukraine.  

Rain Date: June 13

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