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Lock, Brukup, Flex and Jump

At the Umoja Events Juneteenth Festival




11 am - 3 pm

Brooklyn-based artists and street dance pioneers will give free workshops and showcases that illustrate the history and evolution of street dance. Cirkulock (led by Schock-a-lock) will present Volkanos, the mechanical street dance soldiers, and teach a mix of street dance styles including new-time poppin', lite-feet, mimelocking, and stepping. Reggie “Regg Roc” Gray will present Flex, a street dance with snapping, pausing, gliding, bone breaking, hat tricks, animation, and contortion, all born and transformed on the streets of Brooklyn and influenced by dancehall and brukup style. Brooklyn-based Blacka Di Danca, one of the most popular and innovative choreographers of today’s dancehall scene worldwide, will teach and showcase Jamaican dancehall. Double Dutch Aerobics, featuring former members of Fort Greene’s Jammin’ Jumpers Double Dutch champions, will present games and teach street style jumping to participants throughout the day. No experience necessary!


Malika Granville

Marketing and Communications Manager, Brooklyn Arts Council

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