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Folk Feet in the Street

Afro-Caribbean Masquerades and Street Processions




2 pm - 6 pm

Some of the best dance in Brooklyn happens outside of the studio and on the streets. In partnership with the Guyanese Cultural Association, we are closing down Newkirk Avenue and sharing dance forms that come out of Afro-Caribbean masquerades and street processions. La Troupe Zetwal will bring Rara, a street procession that comes out of the vodun temples in Haiti and fills the air with vibrant rhythms, dancing and political commentary. The Guyanese Cultural Association of New York will teach and showcase a traditional Guyanese masquerade with their flouncers, Mother Sally (stilt dancer), and the Bad or Bull Cow (in a cow-like costume who dances at the crowd). Come watch and learn the basic steps of the masquerade dance and the intricate art of flouncing and displaying. Very special musical guests include Rudy Bishop’s Young Acolytes Symphonic Steel Orchestra. 

Malika Granville

Marketing and Communications Manager, Brooklyn Arts Council

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