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Citizen Folklife Workshop #1: Reclaim Your Culture

Tuesday, May 2, 7-8:30pm




7 pm - 8:30 pm

Learn about Brooklyn Arts Council’s Citizen Folklife initiative, discuss cultural issues facing Brooklyn’s traditional arts, and learn how you can reclaim culture in your neighborhood. 

This workshop is presented as part of BAC Folk Arts Citizen Folklife program:


This series of five workshops will provide an introduction to documenting your community.  Using digital media, this class will change the way you listen and tell stories. We’ll cover audio recording techniques, interviewing skills, photography, and video.  This class will both cover the technical, personal, and ethical aspects of community documentation. Go behind the scenes with folk artists and folklorists and learn about their craft in an intimate setting. We’ll talk about how we document traditional practices, what current issues they are thinking about, and see and hear a demonstration of their art. 

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