Re-Aligning: Mid-Career Artist Intensive

Application Deadline: June 8,  2017
Application Notification: June 15, 2017

Photo: Christopher Mulé

Re-Aligning: Mid-Career Artist Intensive is designed for mid-career artists who are at a stage of their careers where they need to “reboot” and “re-align” their career goals and direction. This includes strategizing and planning for the next stage of development in their career and artistic work.

The retreat will be held over the course of two full days and participants will address key topics such as: finance, marketing/branding, strategic planning, fundraising and evaluation, as well as one to one coaching support toward a clear action plan for their future career goals.

The workshops are designed to help artists focus on the inner work and visioning required for moving forward in their career in a supportive environment of peers and experts.

Retreat Sessions:
Tuesday, June 27, 2017 - 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Wednesday, June 28, 2017 - 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Location: Brooklyn Arts Council, 20 Jay Street, Suite 616, Brooklyn, NY 11201

Participants are required to attend both sessions.

How to define Mid-Career:

1) Are you an artist who has created an independent body of work over a number of years and who has received regional or national recognition through publication or public presentation of your work?

2) Have you had:
a.  Solo exhibitions at significant galleries and museums, located nationally or internationally. (Visual Arts)
b. Creation of Work set on a dance company or developed your own body of work through your company that has toured locally and/or nationally (Dance)
c. Developed a body of films or presented at a film festival (Film)
d. Creation of plays or significant theater either set on a theater company or your own body work through your company that has toured locally and/or nationally (Theater)
e. Created or developed your own body of work through your company that has toured locally and/or nationally or composed music either vocal and/or instrumental that has been published and presented individually or for others locally and/or nationally (Music)
f. Publication of full-length books by nationally-recognized publishers and/or presses. (Literary Arts)
g. Presentation of your work at abovementioned capacity for the following fields: (Interdisciplinary) (Multidisciplinary)

*Please note: We are defining mid-career not based on age but level of accomplishment and contribution in the field of their specific discipline. This category says nothing about age of the artist or even a specific number of years in their careers. To be considered a mid-career artist, you must have received regional or national recognition through “Publication” or “Public Presentation” of your work.

What does this mean? The publication/presentation part means that you have had significant publications about you and your work, most likely through a nationally-known venue (visual artists) or publishing house (literary); theater or presenter; or major festival (internationally and nationally). Public presentation also indicates museum exhibitions, rather than just commercial galleries.


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