Event Canceled: Community Arts Grants Celebration

For Immediate Release: Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Contact: Sarah Fonseca, Communications Manager, sfonseca@brooklynartscouncil.org


Dear Friends, Colleagues, and Admirers of Brooklyn Artists:

After much deliberation, Brooklyn Arts Council has decided to cancel our 40th Annual Community Arts Grants Celebration at Borough Hall, originally scheduled for this Friday evening, March 13.

As our city, state, and country heroically respond to and work to restrict the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), we feel that it is best to err on the side of caution and do our part to further reduce the low risk of transmission at a mass gathering. Additionally, we wish to preserve the integrity of the Grants Celebration; an event that has always been defined by artistry, high spirits, and intimate connection.     

As we continue to develop public programming, we will proactively follow the guidelines of our city’s municipal and healthcare leaders.

Brooklyn Arts Council has the unique privilege of corresponding and conspiring with our borough’s artists. For the past fifty-four years, they have selflessly taught us about the challenges they face in creating work on stage, behind the lens, and on the canvas. They have freely shared what they need – economically and interpersonally – to prosper.

Naturally, those invaluable exchanges, taking place over the decades, were considered when making this difficult decision. We know that artistic challenges are not independent of those of the body and mind. Brooklyn’s greatest imaginations crave security in creative practice and personhood; to forge meaningful work while also sustaining their families, their communities, and their health.

We will always give the concerns of our artists the highest credence.  

It goes without saying that our hearts are heavy. Through tangible experiences with grant recipients’ work, Brooklyn Arts Council’s Grants Celebration has served as a family reunion; uniting grantees – past and present – with our board, staff, and community leaders. That invigorating evening always holds a special place in our calendars and in our collective soul.

While Brooklyn Arts Council will heed any and all social distancing recommendations, we approach the term itself with trademark Brooklyn defiance and good humor. The Brooklyn Arts Council family spans five decades and sixty-six neighborhoods; we are immensely social and will never truly be distant. A list of this year’s inspiring grantees can be found below, along with their social media handles. We encourage you to virtually shake their hands and follow their work. Brooklyn Arts Council looks forward to our future convenings: in person and online.

With love and devotion to the arts,

Antonia Yuille Williams                                    Charlotte A. Cohen

Chair                                                                     Executive Director

Brooklyn Arts Council                                         Brooklyn Arts Council

2020 Brooklyn Arts Fund, Charlene Victor & Ella J. Weiss Cultural Entrepreneur Fund 2020, and Local Arts Support Grantees


Aaron Asis (BAF)


Instagram: @aaron_asis


Alternative Synergy the Company (BAF)

Life Symphony 2.0

Instagram: @alternative_synergy


Arno Mokros (BAF)

Witness My Shame

Website: littlepharmazine.com


Aeilushi Mistry (BAF)

2020 Aarti Hindu Lamp Ceremony

Instagram: @aeilushi


Afrolatin@ Project, Inc. (LAS)

8th Annual Afro-Latino Festival NYC

Instagram: @afrolatinofestivalnyc


Aisha Joseph (BAF)

Kraft Kulcha Creative Entrepreneurship Youth Summer Workshops

Instagram: @inivibez


Alex Colon-Olaniyan (BAF)

The Drumming Workshop Project

Facebook: Alex Colon-Olaniyan


Albert Chau (BAF)

Red Envelope Show

Instagram: @grumpybert


Alyssa Dennis (BAF)

Invasive Apothecary

Instagram: @lyssden


Andreas Arnold (BAF)

Flamenco-Jazz in Brooklyn

Instagram: @andreasarnoldmusik


Andrew Drury Tentet (LAS)

"What It All Could Be: These Trees"

Bandcamp: @andrewdrury


Andrew Pester (BAF)


Instagram: @failspacenyc


Angela Morris (BAF)

Brackish: Music & Art

Instagram: @brackishbrooklyn

Angeli Rasbury (BAF)

Our Voices Matter


Anh Vo (BAF)


Instagram: @anhqvo


Annual Gowanus Artists Studio Tour, Inc. (BAF)

Gallery Dispersed

Instagram: @artsgowanus


Aranzazu Araujo (BAF)

Lutxa (luz&lucha)

Instagram: @arantxaaraujo


Artshack Brooklyn (LAS)

Community Clay Days

Instagram: @artshackbrooklyn


Association of Teaching Artists (BAF)

Teaching Artist Salons

Instagram: @assocoftas


Astrid Kuljanic (BAF)

"Breathe Freedom" / "Why Are You Gone?"

Instagram: @astridkuljanic


Aynsley Vandenbroucke (BAF)

Gathering Space



Azmi Mert Erdem (BAF)


Instagram: @artamnesis



Bachtopus Accordion Ensemble (BAF)

2020 Composer Commissioning Fund

Website: bachtopus.com


Batingua Arts (BAF)

My Brooklyn, My Arts

Website: batinguaarts.com


Belinda McGuire (BAF)

Offset Dance Fest 2020

Instagram: @belindamcguire


BioBAT, Inc. (BAF/LAS)

Common Frequencies / Frecuencias Comunes

Instagram: @biobat_nyc


Brendan Drake (BAF)

Community Exercises for Sanctuary Spaces

Website: brendandrakechoreography.com


Breukelen R.I.S.E., Inc. (BAF)

Violence Reduction Through the Arts

Facebook: @breukelenrise


Brooke Singer (BAF)

Site Profile Flag

Instagram: @bsing_nyc


Brooklyn Accordion Club (BAF)

Workshops & Concerts

Facebook: @bkaccordion


Brooklyn Americana Music Festival (BAF/LAS)

6th Annual Festival

Instagram: @bkamericanafest


Brooklyn Brass Collective, Inc. (BAF)

Brasswick 2020

Instagram: @ltrainbrass


Brooklyn Youth Company (LAS/BAF)

Transcending Obstacles

Facebook: @brooklynyouthcompany


cakeface (BAF)

"Nothing Gold"

Instagram: @ohcakeface


Candace Thompson (BAF)

The Collaborative Urban Resilience Banquet

Instagram: @the_c_u_r_b


Carmen Ferreyra (BAF)

Empowering the LatinX Arts Community of Brooklyn II

Instagram: @curatorialprogram


Carolyn Butts-Schmalenberger (BAF)

Reel Sisters of the Diaspora Film Festival & Lecture Series

Instagram: @reelsistersfilmfest


Carter Van Pelt (BAF)

Coney Island Reggae on The Boardwalk

Instagram: @coneyislandreggae


Cat Del Buono (BAF)


Instagram: @catdelbuono


Center for Art Law (BAF/LAS)

Arts Immigration Clinic

Twitter: @itsartlaw


ChamberQueer (BAF)


Facebook: @chamberqueer


Cheryl Thomas (BAF)

Make and Play Shekere


Chief Sekou Awosanmi Osuntogun Alaje (BAF)

Oshun Festival Workshop Series

Facebook: @256healingarts


Chinese Street Musical Club (BAF)

Bensonhurst Traditional Chinese Opera with the Street Musical Club


Chris Reynolds (BAF)

"Gowanus Current"

Twitter: @gowanuscurrent



"Call for Scores"

Instagram: @chromicduo


Clara Ibarra (BAF)

“The Grandparents StoryLab”

Instagram: @grandparentsstorylab


Colleen Thompson (BAF)


Website: brooklynboihood.com


Continuum Culture & Arts, Inc. (LAS/BAF)

Soup & Sound 2020

Facebook: @continuumcultureandartsinc


Craig Bannister (BAF)

Spectrum Generation Bridge


Danielle Russo (BAF)

"Final Notice"

Twitter: @russoprojects


Danny Dakari (BAF)

Paint with Purpose 2

Facebook: @thearthubnyc


Darkness Rising, Inc. (BAF)

Darkness RISING: Live 3

Instagram: @darknessrisingproject


David Goren (BAF)

Yo Yo Mon Brooklyn! Brooklyn Pirate Radio Sound Map 2.0

Website: pirateradiomap.com


Deepali Gupta (BAF)

"United States v. Gupta"

Instagram: @deepaligupta


Devised Theatre Project (BAF)

Free Classes Building Up to Devised Performances

Facebook: @devisedtheatreproject


DJ-Cuillé/ CapAble Collaborative (BAF)

The World Through Art

Website: methodsarchaic.com


DreamMaker DreamDoer DreamSupporter, Inc. (BAF)

The TIDE Film Festival

Instagram: @thetidefilmfest


Eastern Standard Time (BAF)

Pentatonic Pop Politics

Website: dianezhou.com


East New York 4 Gardens (BAF)

Arts & Crafts in Community Parks & Gardens

Website: gligraphics.wixsite.com/eny4gardens



Elina Akselrud (BAF)

Transience: Painting after Scriabin and Vine

Instagram: @intertwiningarts


Emilie Gay (BAF)

Pistachio Project


Emily Branham (BAF)

"Being BeBe: The BeBe Zahara Benet Documentary"

Twitter: @beingbebemovie


Emily Lobsenz (BAF)

“The Clock”

Instagram: @mle_lobster


Essence Theatre-Studio, Inc. (BAF/LAS)

"Vox in Deserto"


Fiberhouse Collective (BAF)

Fashioning Fungi: Designing for Decomposition

Instagram: @fiberhousecollective


Fist and Heel Performance Group (LAS)


Facebook: @rwfhpg


Fulton Art Fair, Inc. (BAF/LAS) 

Artist Lounge

Instagram: @fultonartfair


Gary Glazner (BAF)

Alzheimer's Poetry Project

Instagram: @alzheimerspoet


Grace Chorale of Brooklyn (LAS)

Amy Beach's "Grand Mass in E-flat"

Facebook: @gracechoralebrooklyn


Grace Kim (BAF)

“Fissura: noun and verb”

Facebook: @gracekimfilm


GrowHouse NYC (BAF)

In Contemplation of Freedom: Juneteenth and Beyond

Instagram: @growhousebk


Gung Ho Projects (BAF)


Website: gunghoprojects.com


Hilal Khalil Homaidan (BAF)

Masrah al-Mahjar


Hedgepig Ensemble Theatre, Inc. (BAF)

Expanding the Canon: Womxn and the Classics

Instagram: @hedgepigensembletheatre


iele paloumpis (BAF)

“in place of catastrophe, a clear night sky” for blind and visually impaired audiences

Instagram: @ielepaloumpis


IndyKids (LAS)

Reporter Workshops

Instagram: @indykidsnews


Inner Arts Initiative, Inc. (BAF)

"Sacred Seasons"

Instagram: @soundartmagic


Interference Archive (BAF)

Walkout: Fifty Years of Student Art in Protest

Twitter: @interferencearc


Irene Koloseus (BAF)

Feraba-African Rhythm Tap & Flamenco y Sol Dance Company

Facebook: @soundbridgesandpercussivedance


Jaeyeon Shin (BAF)

Microbial Speculation of Our Gut Feelings

Website: jayeonshin.com


James & Jerome (BAF)

The Conversationalists

Instagram: @jamesandjerome


James Moore (BAF)

The Dither Extravaganza! 2020

Instagram: @dither4tet


JASA Scheuer House Senior Center of Coney Island (LAS/BAF)

Artist-In-Residence Ceramics Program

Website: jasa.org/locate/brooklyn


Jan Descartes (BAF)

Collaborative Memoir Comics with Those Incarcerated in Brooklyn

Website: janmariedescartes.com


J. Bouey (BAF)

Chiron in Leo

Facebook: @jay.bouey


Jessica Batke (BAF)

Everybody Is Gone (or, the Happiest Muslims in the World)

Website: jessicabatke.com


Jingjing Tian (BAF)

"Cowboy Joe Redux"

Instagram: @mydarlingjingjing


Joanna Futral (BAF)

Dance in Bushwick

Instagram: @danceinbushwick


Joanna Gawrys-Dyjak (BAF)

World Evoke

Facebook: @joannagawrysdyjack





Johann Diedrick (BAF)



Jordana De La Cruz (BAF)

“TJ Loves Sally 4 Ever”

Website: jackny.org/tj-loves-sally-4-ever.html


JP Howard (BAF)

Women Writers in Bloom Poetry Salon Literary Salon & Open Mic Series

Instagram: @jphoward_poet


Juan Pablo Siles (BAF)

region(es): CENTRAL

Instagram: @region_es


Juecheng Chen (BAF)


Instagram: @juecheng


Judith Barnes (BAF)

Vertical Player Repertory 2020 Season

Facebook: @verticalplayerrepertory


Kelly Todd (BAF)

"Under Review: Cascade-Siskiyou"

Instagram: @kellyashtontodd


Kendra J. Ross (BAF/LAS) 

STooPS Art Crawl

Instagram: @stoopsbedstuy


Khalif Thompson (BAF)

Home: Art Exhibition, Tea Party & Workshop

Instagram: @khaliftahir



Mobility of Light

Instagram: @khorikos


Krissie Nagy (BAF)

Swamp in the City - A Cajun & Creole Music Festival

Instagram: @swampinthecity


Kwame Brandt-Pierce (BAF)


Instagram: @kwamebrandtpierce


Kyana Brindle (BAF)

Nfinit Foundation Artist Residency

Instagram: @nfinitorg


Lana Marilyn (BAF)

The Lit Exhibit: 2020

Instagram: @thelitexhibit


Laura Zlatos (BAF)

“The Blue Whale”

Instagram: @laurazlatos


Laurence Checler (BAF)

The Story of Us

Instagram: @actingourage


Loading Dock (BAF)

Forklift Reading Series & Development Program

Website: loadingdocktheatre.org


Local Development Corporation of East New York (LAS)


Website: ldceny.org


Mai Lê Hô (BAF)

The LayeRhythm Experiment presents: It Takes Two

Instagram: @layerhythm


Mara Mayer (BAF)

Home Audio Series

Instagram: @homeaudioseries


Maria Bauman (BAF)

“Desire: A Sankofa Dream”

Instagram: @mbdancembdance


Marie Nahikian (BAF)

“The Usable Past”

Instagram: @marienahikian




Martin Majeske (BAF)

New Voices in Black Cinema Festival

Instagram: @newvoices_in_artsnmedia


Marvarid Uzbek Dance (BAF)

Wedding Traditions

Facebook: @uzbekdanceny


Mathew Muntz (BAF)

“When We Took the Fire”

Instagram: @muuuuuuuuuntz


Meghan McNamara (BAF)

Summer Institute 2020

Instagram: @octaviaprojnyc


Michael Vang (BAF)

Him to Them

Instagram: @mthemyth


Microscope Gallery (BAF)

Event Series

Twitter: @microscopeevent


Mil's Trills (BAF)

Kids Open Mic

Instagram: @milstrills


Miriam Parker (BAF)

Lost Voyage

Instagram: @miriamparts


Monica Hunken (BAF)

“The Night the Bridge Shook”

Twitter: @monica_hunken


Nana Chinara (BAF)

Get Free! A Healing the Black Body Community Ritual

Instagram: @chinararituals