2007: September 11th Remembered in Film

September 7-10, 2007

Design: Justine Raczkiewicz

Each year BAC Folk Arts addresses New York?s September 11th anniversary with a special memorial project. For the sixth anniversary we presented September 11th Remembered in Film, a screening of independent documentary and interpretive works. We announced the call for submissions to local filmmakers and video artists in June and the response was tremendous. The material was wide ranging and revelatory, exposing new dimensions of visual and emotional response to September 11th. Among the films chosen were Susanna Styron?s 9/12: From Chaos to Community (2006), an intimate portrait focusing on a small group of New Yorkers who volunteered at Ground Zero; Tyler Cartner?s Demons, a child?s interpretation of September 11; Nina Davenport?s Parallel Lines (2004), a truly moving ?roadtrip? series of interviews with ordinary Americans conducted as the filmmaker drove from San Diego to New York in November 2001; Al Santana?s In the Spirit of Peace (2007), a rare document of a candlelight peace vigil held in Brooklyn on September 21, 2001; and Moira Tierney?s American Dreams #3 (2002), a raw evocation using footage taken of New York survivors making their way home across the East River Bridges after the attacks.

Screenings and discussions with the filmmakers took place on four evenings;

September 7-10, 2007
6:00-9:00 p.m.

Brooklyn Arts Council
55 Washington Street, Suite 218

To help promote discussion, each evening centered around a theme. Participants were invited to renew through remembrance.

Screening Schedule

Screenings began each evening at 6:00 p.m.Friday, September 7: Communities

  • American Dreams # 3 Moira Tierney 
  • 9/11 Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn Randi Cecchine 
  • 9/12: From Chaos to Community Susanna Styron 
  • Through My Eyes Shawn Batey 
  • All Our Sons: Fallen Heroes of 9/11 Lillian Benson 
  • Brooklyn Promenade Mark Street 


Saturday, September 8: Parallels

  • Watching Smoke from the Other Side Sara Ching-Yu Sun 
  • Market Day Anita Glesta
  • Legally Blind Ingrid Rojas 
  • Demons Tyler Cartner 
  • Stardust Colin Gee 
  • We Are Family Danny Schechter 
  • I ♥ Hip-Hop in Morocco Josh Asen 

Sunday, September 9: Windows

  • Say Can You SeeTony Caio
  • Zahira'ss PeaceNina Rosenblum
  • Welcome to New YorkNorman Cowie
  • The History MakersLouise Tiranoff/ Lynn McVeigh
  • America Rebuilds II- Return to Ground ZeroKenneth Mandel/ Daniel Polin

Monday, September 10: Vigils

  • The Disappearing View Simon Lund
  • Searching for Sense Katja Esson
  • In the Spirit of Peace Al Santana
  • Parallel Lines Nina Davenport
  • FDNY Thank You Ride Mike Gaughan
  • In Memoriam 9/11 Alicia Ng
  • ClosureD.R.Hernandez

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