Folk Feet Dance Workshops

Organize your own traditional dance workshop! Use BAC's Folk Feet Dance Workshops to create your own class or workshop series with Brooklyn?s traditional dance teachers.

Folk Feet Dance Workshops focus on teaching the movement repertoire of specific traditions. Each workshop also provides an overview of the dance's cultural setting, such as the costume, music and crafts that traditionally accompany it. Teachers are all former participants in Folk Feet: Celebrating Traditional Dance in Brooklyn and are experts in dances from immigrant-based traditions like Greek syrtos and Brazilian candomble to such homegrown Brooklyn forms as urban popping and b-boying. Learn specific dances from a range of cultural traditions and genres such as: Native American Puerto Rican bomba Greek Korean Egyptian Brazilian orixa Panamanian Irish American square dance Trinidadian limbo and calypso Polynesian Dominican Haitian Ukrainian Yiddish Breaking and electric boogie Locking and street dance

Please contact teachers directly by clicking on 'contact info' that appears in each teacher's bio. When you learn a new dance step with a Folk Feet Dance Workshops teacher, you're supporting the individuals and communities that make Brooklyn a vibrant center of traditional dance forms.

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Folk Feet Workshops Poster/Mailer