The Lack of Desire:

Curatorial Discussion

Thursday, February 7, 6-8 pm
BAC Gallery
111 Front Street, Suite 218
Brooklyn, NY

Speakers include several of the participating artists, curator Scott Henstrand, and Janet Thormann, Lacanian theorist and editor.

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The LACK of desire spawned from my need to see other's attempts at looking past our multifarious civilizing codes to some unifying Drive underneath. We find solace in more pay, more distractions, and more/other relationships. Studied closely we find the same rote activities, whirling around our Lack. Even my dreams are of rote activities, repeated over and over. What if we were to look a little past these? This show is of course made up of more artifacts, but these particular pieces at least seem to have an appropriate focus, trying to embrace this Lack.

Observe these artifacts as a whole. Differentiate and categorize if you like, but perhaps viewing it as a Zen meditation or an exercise in good faith might bring another type of code, awareness. With this in mind:

There are no labels...

This gives a wordless slate to look at the work; the alleviation from the immediate gratification of the artist, a title, an explanation, a cost for possession. But our human drive, our desire is to obtain just that (and I wouldn't blame you- I desire these myself). (Perhaps you can move between these perceptual modes.)

...but there is A Book.

So if you need those sorted and sundry signs, there is A Book. It is filled with facts and information on the artists. Maybe about the individual pieces, maybe about their lives. This and that. What is it you are missing? Maybe A Book will give it to you. But please keep in mind A Book is a separate entity. It is not The LACK of desire.

-Scott Henstrand


Scott Henstrand
considers himself just another artist producing more artifacts, filling Place in an attempt to glance under the 'defective matrix.' His most recent exhibition, The Ambiguity of the Social Hysterical Revelation was on view at Duke University, December 10, 2007- January 13, 2008.

Janet Thormann
holds a Ph.D. in English from the University of California at Berkeley, with a focus on Old English and Middle English poetry. She teaches English composition and literature as well as world literature at the College of Marin, a community college just north of San Francisco in Kentfield, California. She has taught and lectured at the Lacanian School of Psychoanalysis in Berkeley, California. Thormann has been on the editorial board for several journals, and is currently a member of the Journal of European Psychoanalysis. She has written articles on Old and Middle English poetry and on contemporary literature, as well as translations and book reviews.

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