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The Lack of Desire Film Screening

Still from: Davis Ensemble





7 pm - 12 am

Film Screenings, beer, discussion with the filmmakers Thursday, March 6 at 7pm during DUMBO First Thursday at BAC Gallery 111 Front Street, Suite 218, Dumbo

BAC Gallery is pleased to present an evening of short films in conjunction with the group exhibition, The Lack of Desire, on Thursday, March 6 at 7pm during DUMBO First Thursday. The Lack of Desire seeks to visually represent, from a side glance, what our desires intimate: the universal lack existing in the multiple recesses of our psyche from which our fleeting and never-ending desire springs. The artworks and films chosen for this exhibition offer the viewer a way to be present with lack rather than escape into the endless feedback loop of desire. The evening's short films, including Angela Deane's Thirty, a 2-minute film about making something of nothing and Edward Schexnayer's haunting 2-mintue short Video Pieces, which was shot in the lower 9th Ward of New Orleans in early 2006, add further dimension to this study of the hysteric human need to make meaning, an action of mind that all too often separates us from actually observing and experiencing the surroundings of our Place.

Place, as defined by curator Scott Henstrand, is that experience of all organism, before determined meaning, before rational or emotional thought. It is what the organism sensually directly experiences. Place is complete in itself. Our Place, without meaning, as pure existence, is what humans? term as Lack. We need to give human meaning to this frightening Place, pasted on like ads on a wall. Desire, that fleeting and empty manifestation of this perceived Lack, is that drive beyond filled need, that hysteric drive for meaning. All of the eight short films that were chosen for The Lack of Desire Film Screening touch on this trauma.

SCREENING PROGRAM (Programs are subject to change.) Edward Schexnayder Video Pieces (2006) 2 minutes Video Pieces was shot in the lower 9th Ward of New Orleans in early 2006. Hurricane Katrina had recently devastated the area in September of 2005. This predominantly poor neighborhood is still empty and slated for demolition with the promise of housing which has not yet been built nor have evacuated residents been offered a means to return. These scenes, sans human visual presence, are haunted by subtle sounds of activity off camera.

Leigh Davis Ensemble (2007) 5 minutes Ensemble, produced in collaboration with a group of a cappella singers, is a short operatic film inviting viewers into a stylized performance of the pop score, "The Man in the Mirror" in contrast with the quiet, rhythmic flow of water in an architectural space. The film juxtaposes the grace of nature on the stage of human artifacts with the singers? performance, an absurdly romantic yearning for conceptualized peace.

Joy Whelan Types of Houses We Live In (2006-7) 1 minute Lost Territory Considerations (2006-7) 1 minute Begin with Clenched Fist (2006-7) 1 minute Types of houses we live in, lost territory considerations, and begin with clenched fist all consider heartbreaking human action in attempting to define ourselves within Place.

Angela Deane Thirty (2007) 2 minutes Thirty is a muted birthday celebration. Initially, it appears to be a piece about celebration for a decade past, but tragically presents someone making something of nothing, emptily marking an empty transition. Place is lost in the masquerade.

Elizabeth Smolarz Freund Hein (2006) 5 minutes Elisabeth Smolarz's video installation Freund Hein is a performance based film project which explores the question of death. Smolarz invited people of different ages and backgrounds to a studio and asked them 'to die' in front of the camera. The sequences of these performances were mostly short, maximum a few minutes, showing that most people imagine the act of dying as an abrupt event, a crass unexpected rupture in the experience of an everyday time continuum, conditioned mostly by media images. This is the quintessential trauma, beyond meaning, hidden behind our attempt to capture the only other moment in our lives of pure experience besides birth.

ABOUT THE CURATOR Scott Henstrand considers himself just another artist producing more artifacts, filling Place in an attempt to glance under the 'defective matrix'. His most recent exhibition, The Ambiguity of the Social Hysterical Revelation was on view at Duke University, December 10, 2007- January 13, 2008.

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