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Independent Filmmakers ? A Contemplation of Violence




5:30 pm - 11 pm

Long Island University, Kumble Theater 1 University Plaza, Brooklyn At Flatbush Ave and DeKalb Ave

A Still of Aqualibrae

Aqualibrae dir. Chanya Hetayothin ( UCLA Animation, 2 mins, 2006 World Premiere Aqualibrae explores the unending cycles of nature through beautifully drawn animations.

Fantaisie in Bubblewrap dir. Arthur Metcalf ( Animation, 4 mins, 2007 A hybrid of animation and live-action in which the audience is offered a glimpse into a society comprised of vocal bubble wrap.

A Still of Simulacra

Simulacra dir. Tatchapon Lertwirojkul ( School of Visual Arts Animation, 4 mins, 2007 In the vast galaxy, there is one planet where every form of natural life has gone extinct and only robots live. One day, a robot discovers a lone organic life form eking out an existence in the barren restricted zone and resolves to save it.

A Still of P.R.

P.R. dir. Bryan Leister ( Animation, 1 min, 2006 New York Premiere P.R. is an animated short that examines the philosophies and thoughts of the Religous Right through the words of Pat Robertson, founder of the Christian Coalition and host of the 700 Club.

A Still of 11 Years of Absence

11 Years of Absence dir. Iva Radivojevic ( Serbia/US Documentary, 9mins, 2007 World Premiere After leaving Yugoslavia with her mother and sister in 1992, Iva lives her life in foreign lands. Over time communications with her father became less frequent and more distant, eventually leading to her parents separation. Having not gone ?home? in 11 years, she returns charged with nostalgia and a yearning for homemade burek, but instead discovers a long-held family secret.

A Still of Turn Back South

Turn Back South dir. Igor Borovac ( Documentary, 12 mins, 2007 Turn Back South is the story of two groups at odds with one another, those trying to get through and those who are trying to stop them. Members of the Border Patrol and illegal immigrants are allowed to share their personal thoughts and experiences with border crossings and provide a human face to both of these oft maligned groups

A Still of I Forgot My Name

I Forgot My Name dir. Mathew Cox University of Miami Animation, 5mins, 2006 World Premiere I Forgot My Name uses animation to confront the loss of self that occurs with Alzheimer's and dementia. The main character is an elderly woman who becomes lost in her own home. The animation is not a straight narrative but a portrait of someone losing their identity.

A Still of Through the Negev

Through the Negev dir. Ya-Hsuan Huang with Photography by Karen Reiter Media Studies, The New School Documentary, 16mins, 2007 World Premiere The genocide and violence in Sudan has created a Diaspora of refugees as far north as Israel. Narrated by the few women and children who have made the journey by walking from Egypt to Israel, Through the Negev is a short documentary that encapsulates the refugees' struggle for home and safety. Caught in complicated geographic, religious and political webs, the simplicity of their message becomes even more powerful: all they want is a place to call home.

A Still from Strangers in Paradise

Stranger In Paradise dir. Masood Haque City College Documentary, 30mins, 2007 Ansar Mahmood came to the United States in search of the American Dream. Three weeks after September 11, 2001, Ansar was arrested on charges of terrorism while taking pictures to send home to his family. Stranger in Paradise is the story of Ansar's struggle to remain in the US and his ultimate deportation back to Pakistan.

A Still of Homecoming

Homecoming dir. Josiah Signor ( New York University Narrative, 5 mins, 2007 World Premiere A young soldier returns home from war only to find his father unresponsive to him. His father soon realizes all is not as it once was.

A Still of Rabia

Rabia dir. Muhammad Ali Hasan ( Narrative, 24 mins, 2008 World Premiere Rabia is a woman who must blow herself up in order to exist. From the moment she straps explosives to her bare body, we are exposed to flashbacks of Rabia?s past, filled with abuse, rejection, and struggle. By the time she steps onto a popular Israeli beach, waiting to kill hundreds of innocent civilians in a massive explosion, we find ourselves asking whether Rabia?s act is one of evil or one of heroism?
My Olympic Summer dir. Daniel Robin ( San Francisco State University Documentary, 13mins, 2007 Recipient: Best Short Documentary My Olympic Summer chronicles the subterranean currents of the filmmaker's parents' young marriage, set against the historical backdrop of the taking of hostages at the Munich Olympic Games of 1972. Their story indirectly parallels and comments on the filmmaker's own recent failed marriage in this exploration of how we perceive home movies.

A Still of Sympathetic Details

Sympathetic Details 8pm dir. Benjamin Busch, ex. prod. Ryan Sands ( Narrative, 58 mins, 2007 World Premiere A tragic accident forces a conflicted assassin to confront his moral code. His attempt to sever ties from a life of contract killing is complicated by the dark indifference of man?s primeval nature and the impossibility of protecting the ones we love. The film features Clarke Peters, John Doman, Domenick Lombardozzi, Seth Gilliam, Jim True-Frost, Ryan Sands, and Edwina Findley of the HBO Series, The Wire and is written and Directed by fellow cast member Benjamin Busch.

A Still of Superheroes

Superheroes 9pm dir. Alan Brown ( Narrative, 84mins, 2007 Recipient: Best Feature Narrative Brooklyn Premiere Website Trailer Set in and around New York City in the autumn of 2005, Superheroes is the story of the relationship between Ben Patchett, a wounded Iraqi War veteran struggling to live with the psychological and physical scars of battle and Nick Jones, a young aspiring filmmaker who accompanies him to a cabin in the Catskills to document his story. A wary but ultimately tender friendship evolves between these two very different men.

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