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Independent Filmmakers - The Power of Art




6 pm - 11 pm

Long Island University, Spike Lee Screening Room 1 University Plaza (at Flatbush and Dekalb), Brooklyn
Short Films - 6pm

A still image from Graffiti - Art or Vandalism?

Graffiti ? Art or Vandalism? dir. Devin Castro, camera, editing, sound: Jaclyn Tung, Williams Jones, Reneth Servian ( Youth Hook Productions Summer 2007 Documentary, 5 mins, 2007 This short documentary interviews young graffiti artists Jackie Spann, Devs, Ones, Dips Oner and Sono, who speak incognito about their lives as young graffiti artists and the lines that they don?t cross.

A still image from Eighth Avenue

Eighth Avenue dirs. Leigh Evans and David Rogers ( Experimental, 3 mins, 2006 An inverted headless torso spirals in counterpoint to the constant motion of the New York city streets in Eighth Avenue, a film created in collaboration by filmmaker, David Rogers and choreographer, Leigh Evans.

A still image from Naked Branches

Naked Branches dir. Will Kim ( UCLA Animation, 5mins, 2007 An examination of the life, love, and death of a peacock couple told through animated watercolors.

A still image from Drop

Drop dir. Bryan Leister ( Experimental, 4mins, 2005 World Premiere Much of Leister's work revolves around making the invisible visible; through animation he explores realms of impossibility made possible through the use of computer graphics. The accompanying sound emphasized the meditative quality of the fluid and rapid descent of a rain droplet.
Torn Asunder dir. Bob Barancik ( Experimental, 4mins, 2007 World Premiere This video creatively explores the increasingly frayed American national psyche. The young urban voices are two of Tampa Bay's most popular performance poets. The art and post-production were handled by two baby boomers.

A still image from Being There

Being There dir. Ted Lee ( Experimental, 5mins, 2007 World Premiere Being There is a 16mm crawl through space and color with music provided by ZEBU.

A still image from Doxology

Doxology dir. Michael Langan ( Rhode Island School of Design Experimental, 6mins, 2007 Website Trailer In order to reach spiritual enlightenment, a sweater-vested young man must face a dancing Oldsmobile, endure a boozy encounter with God on a frozen tundra, and brush his teeth, comb his hair, floss, Q-Tip, lather and shave simultaneously for ten seconds.

A still image from Tower

Tower dir. Marjan Moghaddam and Adam Caine ( Experimental, 8mins, 2007 Website Tower is a virtual 3 dimensional structure that is revealed through animation and music in an exploration of our relationship to space in media form. Designed as a projected installation with sound, the structure is explored internally and externally through multiple angles and orientations, altering our standard physical experience of architecture, while still revealing an elevated structure that references spaces of great social and cultural significance.

A still image from The Fish with Two Legs

The Fish with Two Legs dir. Brian Oh ( Experimental, 9mins, 2007 World Premiere The struggle between ideal-self and reality is what we experience in our lives through our cultures and the choices that we?ve made. This realistic idea is depicted with imaginary and mythical symbolism, the mermaid who grew legs and the mask that represents self-neglecting.

A still image from Venus, Venus

Venus, Venus dir. Kazumasa Otsuki ( Japan Experimental, 6mins, 2007 The first ever 3D laser measurements of the Venus de Milo resulted in ?pointcloud data? composed of tens of millions of points, allowing us to focus on the artistic form of the statue, and on the intentions of the creator thousands of years ago. But, when full texture was applied, it started to tell a story, as well as arouse questions.
Noir dir. Kazumasa Otsuki ( Japan Animation, 17mins, 2007 World Premiere Recipient: Best Animation CGI animations take the viewer on a journey through several works from Odilon Redon?s Black Period.

A still image from Blood of the Earthworm

Blood of the Earthworm dir. Brittany Gravely ( Experimental, 32mins, 2006 A barrage of both original footage and extractions from horror, science fiction, and educational films shed a flickering light on the maladies of contemporary civilization. The natural course of evolution has been interrupted, producing machine-like people who are alienated, destructive, dissatisfied, and lifeless.
Documentaries - 7:45pm

A still image from What I See When I Close My Eyes

What I See When I Close My Eyes dir. Leslie Hope ( Cambodia Documentary, 30mins, 2007 World Premiere Trailer What I See When I Close My Eyes follows the work of Mith Samlang and the Friends-International Organization in assisting the children living and working in the streets of Phom Penh through the provision of vocational training, shelter, food, education, counseling and art classes. The children tell their own stories in their own voices as they work to create life-sized self portrait in answer to the question, ?What do you see when you close your eyes??

A still image from Roca Bon: Searching the Sublime

Roca Bon: Searching the Sublime dir. Karlos Alastruey ( Spain Documentary, 30mins, 2007 North American Premiere Sara, an Art student, is keen on New York's Abstract Expressionism, and more specifically on Mark Tobey's work. She starts to research the movement, and its influence on today's painters, which leads her to the Catalan painter Roca Bon. She is so fascinated by his work that she decides to travel to Cadaques and Barcelona in order to discover his inspiration and motivations.

A still image from Bending Space: Georges Rousse and the Durham Project

Bending Space: Georges Rousse and the Durham Project dirs. Penelope Maunsell and Kenny Dalsheimer ( Documentary, 56mins, 2007 Website Bending Space: Georges Rousse and the Durham Project captures the genius of French photographer and installation artist Georges Rousse and follows the artist and two hundred volunteers during a September 2006 art residency in Durham. Bending Space reveals the complex process of creating Rousse's signature trompe l'oeil illusions of color and shape that ultimately become the stunning large format color photographs exhibited in galleries and museums around the world. The film is witness to the energy that is unleashed when a remarkable artist and an art-loving community join forces.
Narrative Short Films: The Power of Imagination - 10pm

A still image from The Gate to Hell

The Gate to Hell dir. Max Gruber ( Austria Narrative, 42mins, 2006 US Premier Detective Susan Czerny investigates the murder of her lover - who happened to be the Director of Internal Affairs. The victim left a message for her, a list of all the crimes she has committed and ones she has yet to commit. The dark prophecy turns her investigation into a nightmare without escape. The more she tries to fight the prophecy the closer she gets pushed towards her downfall.

A still image from Absolute Zero

Absolute Zero dir. Alan Woodruff ( Australia Narrative, 27mins, 2007 A train makes its way through the countryside toward the city. Part of its load is a refrigerated wagon used for transporting meat to the markets. Inside the otherwise empty wagon, a man keeps a grim log on the wall; a first-hand account of death by freezing. Only later it is discovered that the refrigeration unit wasn?t operating and the temperature in the wagon never fell below 68.

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