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Brooklyn Filmmakers




5 pm - 8:30 pm

Brooklyn Museum, Iris and B. Gerald Cantor Auditorium 200 Eastern Parkway, Brooklyn
Documentary and Experimental Shorts - 5pm

Miss Brooklyn dir. Tamara Yadao ( Experimental, 5mins, 2007 Miss Brooklyn is a 3 channel video focusing on the tallest building expected for development in the Atlantic Yards project and the block of Fulton Street at Cumberland Avenue, in neighboring Fort Greene.

Bridge dir. Sara Sun ( Experimental, 5mins, 2007 World Premiere Bridge depicts the sentiments of a dislocated generation, like my parents, torn by the wars and political separation between China and Taiwan in the past decades. Their personal experience mimics that of a bridge connecting people, places and time.

eF_2:bROOKLYN dir. Alexis Estevez ( Documentary, 5mins, 2007 World Premiere eF_2:bROOKLYN is documentary about an ef2 category tornado which ripped through Brooklyn, NY.

A History of the Bicycle dir. Michael Gaughan ( Documentary, 6mins, 2006 A History of the Bicycle looks at the development of Human Powered Transportation from 4-wheeled wooden vehicles to the modern 2-wheeled bicycle we all know.

City of Water dir. Jasper Goldman and Loren Talbot ( or Documentary, 33mins, 2007 World Premiere Website Trailer Two years in the making, City of Water explores the aspirations of public officials, environmentalists, academics, community activists, recreational boaters and everyday New Yorkers for a diverse, vibrant waterfront at a time when the shoreline is changing faster than at any other time in New York's history.
Narrative Shorts - 6pm

Oyster dir. Treva Wurmfeld ( Narrative, 10mins, 2007 New York Premiere Oyster is a parable about origins and authenticity. When a book falls from the sky, striking a young hipster in the head, the fashionable extinctions of oysters and hipsters become inexplicably intertwined.

The End of Magic dir. Ann Husaini ( Columbia University Narrative, 16mins, 2007 New York Premiere 12-year-old Laurie is a reluctant passenger on a family outing with her estranged, psychologically fragile mother, Liz, and her baby sister, Dani. When the car breaks down en route to a local carnival, the pressures of expensive car repairs and disappointed daughters push Liz to a breaking point.

Archer House dir. Dina Gachman ( Narrative, 16mins, 2007 Website Eighteen-year-old future journalist Sam Archer has always been the black sheep in her traditional southern family. When she decides to go undercover during rush in the very sorority that her mother and sister have been pushing her to join, she finds herself in the middle of a strangely alluring world full of teacups, skits, and sisterhood.

Almost, Brooklyn dirs. Daniel Garcia and Rania Attieh ( New York University Narrative, 13mins, 2007 Recipient: Best Short Narrative, Brooklyn An old man gets into a taxi and sets out to visit Brooklyn for the first time, but the trip goes not as planned, and the cab driver is forced to deal with perhaps his most unique passenger.
Documentary Feature - 7pm

Oh, Saigon 7pm dir. Doan Hoang ( Documentary, 58mins, 2007 Brooklyn Premiere Recipient: Best Feature Documentary Website Trailer Airlifted out of Vietnam on April 30, 1975, Doan Hoang?s family was on the last civilian helicopter out of the country at the end of the war. Twenty-five years later, she sets out to uncover her family?s story. The film follows her family as they return to Vietnam after decades of exile, where her father, a former South Vietnamese major, meets his brothers again to confront their political differences: one was a Communist, the other a pacifist. Meanwhile, Hoang tries to reconcile her own difficult past with her half sister, who was mistakenly separated from the family during the escape.

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