Euston James - Trinidadian limbo and calypso

Euston James and troupe member demonstrate limbo Photo: Jeff Berman

Euston James, a native of Trinidad, has lived in Brooklyn since 1972. In the U.S. he has participated in West Indian carnival traditions as a dancer of calypso and limbo and as a fire-eater. His specialty is limbo, made popular in the United States during the 1960s but traditionally performed at wakes in Trinidad. A much sought-after teacher of children's programs, Euston's workshops are also equally enjoyable for seniors. His upbeat classes present dance steps in a cultural context and include dance steps, Caribbean song and call-and-response, which culminates in a participatory limbo dance. Euston and a co-teacher lead classes and may invite drummers for live music; all performances are highly participatory and workshop centered. Registry / Contact Info