Yasser Darwish - Egyptian folk dances

Yasser Darwish performs Egyptian tanoura Photo: Dixie Sheridan

Yasser Darwish, a performer and teacher of Egyptian and Middle Eastern dance traditions, was born in Alexandria, Egypt. He became a member of the Alexandria Folk Dance Group and later joined the National Folk Dance Company in Cairo. He is a popular performer of Egyptian Tannoura a captivating secular Sufi spinning dance -- and genres like the Arabian Horse Dance, which is performed at festivals, theatrical performances and weddings. Yasser's teaching repertoire includes Saidi stick dance from Upper Egypt, Nubian dance from the southern border region, and Debkah line dancing from the Middle East. His high-energy classes are well suited for young participants and to other dancers, but can be tailored to a range of audiences. Yasser is an excellent solo performer; a traditional accompaniment of nay (Arab flute) and tabla (percussion) can be arranged. Registry / Contact Info