Digital Media and Technology

Students at PS 208 worked with BAC Teaching Artist Danielle Ash to create their own animated series of short films. The final product received a screening for fellow students and their families at PS 208 in May, 2010. This workshop was a part of the Cultural After School Adventures (CASA) program.
The design of our Digital Media and Technology Workshops can be tailored to your needs, and are strongly influenced by your site?s equipment resources. Please contact us to discuss further, as many programs can be adapted in a variety of ways.
THE MOVING IMAGE Includes Film/video, Television/Broadcasting and Animation. Students learn to work in the medium of the moving image from pre- through post-production, both in front of and behind the camera. Past projects have included documentaries, music videos, and public service announcements, original short film, animation, and video editing. GRAPHIC DESIGN Students learn the language of design and how it fits into their world using varied techniques from hand drawing to illustration to web design software. Focusing on balancing aesthetic and communication, past projects have included creating programs, flyers or pamphlets for school programs or album covers for student?s fantasy bands. DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY A comprehensive introduction to digital cameras and related computer software teaches students the basics of photography, editing, and printing.
Sample Workshops LIGHTS! CAMERA! ACTION! Is TV production for me? Is it all glamour and celebrity? Explore the world around the camera and find out how tragic bad lighting can be, that sound is as important as picture, and the significance of scientific and mathematical knowledge in the industry. ANIMATION Using basic software such as Adobe Flash, students become immersed in the intense process required to produce some of their favorite films by creating original characters and animating them on screen. Language arts and technological skills are developed, along with an appreciation for what goes into a feature-length cartoon. UP, DOWN, AND ALL AROUND Digital cameras allow a photographer to take a large number of photos of the same object or scene. Use this opportunity to explore individual and group perspectives of a shared subject. Students learn the basics of digital photography and the wide array of group members? viewpoints. COMMUNITY BULLETIN Is there a ?hot topic? in your community? Students explore the challenges of researching a topic objectively, working through the pre- and post-production process of filming a television spot straight through the final cuts to create a public service announcement for the community. Share it at assemblies, PTA meetings, or even on a local cable station.

Photo by Michael Berman