Literary Arts

Photo by Michael Berman

BOOK ARTS Students assemble a book in a variety of formats, from traditionally-bound books to more experimental layouts, incorporating unconventional materials and/or designs. Students can compose their own poetry or prose and then illustrate their work with collage, drawings, paintings, or prints. Their work can be collected in a single collaborative book, literary magazine, newspaper, or in individual journals. STORY WRITING Students are presented with a wide array of strategies for developing the skills necessary for story writing. Programming can be integrated into curricular areas with engaging and enthusiastic approaches for all age groups. Fictional narratives, non-fiction, poetry, playwriting, and screenwriting are just a few of the offerings available.

Sample Workshops MY ABC BOOK This project helps Pre-K and Kindergarten students learn the alphabet and sentence structure while creating their very own publication, which they can take home and use to study with family members. THE BIG BOOK An entire class creates one big book composed of a page by and about each class member, complete with illustrations. This is a great project for getting to know a bit about each other in the beginning of the year, or an end of the year activity to see what was learned. GET YOUR NEWS HERE! Students work collectively to publish their own newsletter, while learning about the history of media. Students work as reporters, create original stories and editorials, and cover issues that are important to them in the world and in their schools and neighborhoods. STORIES SCULPTED AND SCRIPTED FOR STAGE How do simple stories become stage productions? Students learn the fundamental components of a story, expand their realms of imagination, and explore acting as a way of bringing their story to life. PROJECT POETRY UPLIFT Students are introduced to the freedom of poetry and gain confidence in their poetic creations as these workshops unfold. A culminating ?Poetry Uplift? takes the competitive nature out of classic ?slams? and sees every poem as a winner. Students explore the diversity within this often intimidating art form and discover how enjoyable it can be. From haiku to epics, rhyme to iambic pentameter, and from silly to profound, poetry is created by all. CONFLICT RESOLUTION Students provide real life conflicts, to be written down and reworked as a writing and acting exercise until acceptable solutions are reached. Students are engaged in creative and critical thinking, problem solving, group work, fundamental writing concepts, and theater games. Increased self-esteem, development of diverse solutions in the face of adversity, improved writing ability, and enhanced public speaking skills are just a few of the identified gains of this program.

Verizon BAC?s Literary Arts programs are made possible, in part, by Verizon Foundation.