Folk Arts Performances

A Chinese Opera Lion Dance

Artists from BAC?s Assembly Program roster perform songs, stories, and dances, and discuss the history and traditions of their native countries and cultures.
All American Square Dancers The All American Square Dancers bring this art to young audiences. They believe in keeping alive the heritage of America?s folk dance, which was enjoyed by early American settlers. During the demonstration, the dancers show off their skills and then invite the audience to participate. The program is lively and the audience enthusiastically responds to this historical display of American folk art. A Chosen Few A Chosen Few uses step to educate, entertain and inspire others. They are a unique and dynamic group of steppers that take their audience on a journey through step and spoken word. This journey includes teaching their audience exciting moves, a history of step, and sharing what it means to pursue a passion. Commitment to pioneering professionalism in the art of Step through performances, trainings, lecture demonstrations, and collaboration with others is what this team is all about. They also see the potential for step to make a difference in the lives of young people. Step as an art can be used to foster self-esteem and teach life skills such as determination, teamwork, creativity, and resilience. A Chosen Few believes that, similar to other traditional forms of dance, step should also be widely known and appreciated. They invite you on this journey and appreciate you making room for such an amazing art form. Bomba Yo! This drum and dance ensemble specializes in bomba, Puerto Rico?s oldest art form dating back to its colonial history. Bomba?s musicality and aesthetics are a combination of African, indigenous, and European elements, such as call and response singing and percussion, along with dances such as paseo and piquete. Students and staff are invited to participate as singers, dancers, and percussionists as a way of making the cultural tradition of bomba accessible to all. Calpulli Danza Mexicana Calpulli celebrates the rich, regional dance traditions of Mexico?s diverse cultural history interpreted through its unique artistic vision. The fresh, vital repertoire honors Mexico?s past and immigrant life in the United States. Chinese Theater Works Chinese Theater Works preserves and promotes the traditional Chinese performing arts including opera, shadow theatre, puppetry, dance and music. Their specialty is Chinese Shadow Theater which they have performed all over the world, and have received awards in both the U.S. and China for the quality of all aspects of the performance from writing and narration to design and puppet construction. Cirkulock, Inc. Cirkulock mixes traditional circus acts with the street dances of yesterday and today. The focus is on creating new-world style street dancing that is idiosyncratic to Cirkulock artists. Performances include demonstrations of how how hip hop is a composite dance form that includes techniques in locking, popping, rocking, and breaking. Through superb execution of dance moves they show how hip hop draws upon diverse genres such as salsa, funk, the hustle, martial arts, and the smooth moves of ballroom dance. These enthusiastic performers are appropriate for all student audiences. Darrah Carr Dance Join the champion Irish step dancers of Darrah Carr Dance for a whirlwind introduction to Irish dance including its history, costumes, and traditions. Enjoy their lightning-fast demonstrations of both hard shoe and soft shoe styles, as well as live music on the accordion and the spoons. The company offers a range of performance styles with a varying number of dancers. The ?Irish Step Duets? program features two dancers performing traditional Irish step dances, while the ?ModERIN? program showcases the full company and highlights their unique blend of traditional Irish step and contemporary modern dance. During both programs, enthusiastic volunteers are invited onstage to learn the first step of the jig, while the entire audience enjoys clapping along to the bouncy rhythms of jigs and reels. Guillermo Guerrero Guillermo Guerrero is a gifted Andean musician dedicated to the traditional music of the lands that formed the Incan Empire. Performances include a lecture/demonstration on Peruvian instruments, including the Antara (pan-pipe), which dates back 7,000 years. Irka Mateo Hispanic-American Music and Storytelling Singer, storyteller, researcher and performance artist Irka Mateo and her band present songs and stories that bring the tales and culture of people from Mexico, the Caribbean and South America to life. This performance features interactive stories told in English, songs sung in Spanish, and an opportunity for select students to try their hands on the drums. Ms. Mateo is a third generation Dominican Republic folk music researcher and a key figure among world musicians, having dedicated 10 years traveling the Dominican countryside learning different styles of the genre. Ms. Mateo uses the rhythms of the Dominican Republic, Brazil and the Caribbean to create songs that are full of the passion and mystery of the legends of a people rooted in Aborigine and African ancestry. In her lyrics she is a Griot, narrating events of the world, its people and herself. Kaina Quenga and Polynesian Dance Kaina Quenga is a master Hawaiian dancer who has performed at social and ceremonial occasions in her native state. Her Hawaiian repertoire incorporates hula, which simply means ?dance? with its chanted narratives passed on by the kupuna, or elders. Learn about how the dancers? movements bring the narrative song to life. Kaina also shares the shapes and dances of Tahiti and welcomes opportunities to share the traditions of Hawaiian and Tahitian dance cultures. Ms. Quenga is often accompanied by musicians playing traditional instruments. Klezmer The word Klezmer comes from the Hebrew words ?Klei Zemer? which mean ?vessels of song.? Instrumentalists and vocalists bring to life the history of this well-known Jewish folk music that was brought to America by families who had emigrated from Eastern Europe beginning in the 1880?s. Klezmer is the musical soul of the Ashkenazic (central and Eastern European) Jewish tradition. Mano a Mano: Cultura Mexicana Sin Fronteras This organization brings the rich expressive traditions of Mexico to your school community. Musical genres include mariachi music, a passionate, hundred-year old tradition considered to be the quintessential Mexican popular form and son jarocho, a festive folk tradition from the state of Veracruz, best known through the song ?La Bamba.? Dancers present regional folklórico forms as well as the conchero and Azteca styles of Mexico?s native peoples. See how the diverse culture of Mexico can enhance your curriculum. All presentations include educational handouts that provide the historical and cultural context of these traditions and guides for where to learn more. Storytelling in Spanish is also available. People of the World Middle Eastern Dance Ramzi El-Edlibi?s dance career began in Lebanon as he studied with the renowned choreographer Wadia Garrar and was a principal dancer with the Caracalla Dance Co. With Carracalla and on his own, Ramzi traveled extensively as a much sought-after performer of the Middle Eastern Folk Dance Art Form, performing in Russia, Japan, Spain, France, the U.K, Egypt, Libya, Iraq and more. Each of these locations have offered not only the opportunity to demonstrate his talents, but to extend them?absorbing influences from the various cultures that would continue to add interesting and varied dimensions to the complex tapestry of his art and his life. Ramzi is also an accomplished percussion player and teacher, mastering the tabla, riq (Arab tambourine) and frame drum. Rita Silva & Bahia Kao The rhythms, sounds, and movements of Brazil come alive as Rita Silva, a native of Bahia, Brazil, and her company present a captivating interactive performance that both enchants and educates as it connects students to the elements of nature through the use of dance (including capoeira), instruments, and music of this vibrant and mystical culture. Saeko Ichinohe Dance Company Horned dragon with flashing eyes. Zen-monk turned doll. Celebrated Saeko Ichinohe Dance Company presents a dance performance of limitless imagination in Imaginary Beings From Japan. The delightful dance depicts folklore creatures with colorful costumes and unique masks accompanies by a brief introduction for further understanding. The audience members are also invited on stage to learn simple Japanese folk dance and children?s games. 2012 is the year of the Dragon! This year?s program will include mythical animals such as Fire-eating Bird, Kappa and Dance of the Dragon. Thunderbird American Indian Dancers Rich in history and wide in appeal, the Thunderbird American Indian Dancers have made a colossal contribution to the efforts to preserve and perpetuate Native American culture. Directed by Louis Mofsie, also known as Green Rainbow from the Hopi Tribe of Arizona and the Winnebago Tribe of Wisconsin, Thunderbird has staged performances in almost all fifty states and enthralled both native and non-native audiences with the diverse traditions of America's indigenous peoples. The ensemble performs songs and dances from the Northwest Coast, Eastern Woodlands (especially the Iroquois), Plains (Sioux and Winnebago) and the Southwest (Hopi and Santo Domingo). Traditional Indian Dance with Aeilushi Mistry Aeilushi Mistry was born and raised in India. She holds a BA in the Kalakshetra style of Bharatnatyam dance from Gandharva University in Gujarat, India. She has also studied privately with numerous renowned Bharatnatyam dance gurus. She has an advanced degree in Bharatnatyam from the Kerala Kalamandalam, a major center for the study of performing arts in India. She brings these dance styles to school audiences as well as being a wonderful teacher who excels at evoking the natural dancer in every participant! Trilok Fusion Arts Sudha Seetharaman is a trained dancer in bharatanatyam, an ancient form of highly stylized classical South Indian dance that dates back to the 2nd century B.C. She performs with members of Trilok Fusion to demonstrate classical East Indian dance, music, instruments, and songs. Vongku Pak and Korean Drumming Vongku Pak is a soloist who fuses contemporary Korean drumming styles with elements of traditional dance into dynamic musical performances. Unique rhythm patterns define the salmulnori performance, which includes two sets of drums and brass gongs, and the sulchanggu, which showcases the most distinctive drum of Korea. Pak welcomes opportunities to share the cultural traditions of his native Korea.