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Aug 2007

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March 24, 2010
Curators: Leah Stuhltrager and Lynn del Soll Run Dates: April 2nd - April 23rd, 2010 Reception: Saturday, May 1, 2010 -6-10pm Location: {CTS} creative thriftshop @ Dam, Stuhltrager Gallery Directions: 38 Marcy St. Brooklyn, NY.11211 Hours: Please note that this is a night installation Gallery viewing hours will be starting at 7pm and run from dusk to dawn weekly BEWARE OF DOG! Artist team Karolina Sobeska and James George are coming to Dam Stuhltrager Gallery in Williamsburg, Brooklyn this April- and so is their ?virtual? dog SNIFF. He barks, he growls, he rolls rover, and he may play fetch; the best part is, no one has to walk him. He?s a bit of a night owl: this project will beam out of the gallery windows from dusk to dawn (which should be no problem for most of you in Willy-B since we tend to keep odd hours as well). This holographic, interactive, fully functional virtual pet is a not to be missed public work project. We hope you all will make time to stop by and see it?and that puppy in our window?he doesn?t come cheap. Photo credit: Karolina Sobeska and James George, SNIFF 2009, Digital Projected Media Tags: ?Karolina Sobeska?, ?James George?, ?Sniff?, ?Lynn del Sol?, ?Leah Stuhltrager?, ?creative thriftshops?, ?Dam Stuhltrager Gallery?, ?interactive Art?, ?public art?, ?3D art?, ?holograms?.

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