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The Tower of The Broken Angel

Rev Roger Anthony YOLANDA Mapes

Jan 2008

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January 24, 2008
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Seen in Brooklyn, On the Street, Community-based
This tower was on top of an old artist-owned and re-built building in my neighborhood, Clinton Hill. The house is called The Broken Angel as I'm sure many of you know. The building has since been sold and the new owner tore down the tower. Luckily I was fascinated by this building and took a lot of pictures of it. I have started a series of paintings and tee-shirts based on the building. The above painting is made of oil house paint, acrylic paint, and coffee on 18 X 24 canvas. I'm wondering if other artists have painted this building and would like to put together a show of works based on the Broken Angel. Please contact me:

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