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Workshop: Analog Sound Circuits!

Phillip D Stearns

Nov 2009

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March 31, 2010
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Saturday March 3rd 1pm-6pm @ Harvestworks 596 Broadway #602 New York, NY 10012 Analog is not dead! // Operational Amplifiers: Oscillators, Filters, and Feedback Machines REGISTRATION REQUIRED: Tickets: $125/student. Max Enrollment: 10. Though digital electronics dominate the music production scene, and have been employed to augment and extend just about every acoustic instrument imaginable--- from the cello to the tabla---ANALOG IS NOT DEAD! From oscillators and filters to authentic distortion, gritty delays, and fluid phasing, analog electronics are very much alive in the realm of effects and synthesis. A handful of simple components, concepts and skills will enable you to build your own custom analog instruments and effects. In the workshop, you will learn about transistors, operational amplifiers, and how to combine them with various networks of diodes, resistors and capacitors to form simple mixers, distortion effects, filters and touch controlled feedback machines! This hands on workshop will review the theory behind all of the components involved. It is centered around the application of knowledge through the construction and expansion of simple operational amplifier circuits. We will learn the concepts and the skills necessary to continue exploring the possibility of creating with analog electronics with applications in music, sound art, and interactive new media art. No soldering necessary. Beginners welcome but it would be helpful to review the basics (voltage, current, DC circuits, AC circuits, etc.).

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