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Art in Odd Places Festival

Art in Odd Places

Apr 2010

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September 25, 2010
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On the Street
OVER 30 ARTISTS TAKE ON 14TH STREET THIS OCTOBER? Art in Odd Places (AiOP), New York City?s annual public art and performance festival, is pleased to announce its 2010 event to take place from October 1 to October 10, 2010, along 14th Street in Manhattan from Avenue C to the Hudson River. The festival will feature approximately 30 artists from New York and beyond, who will apply their practice to an unconventional structure?playing off the idiosyncrasies inherent to the urban plane. The selected projects will be informed by various interpretations of the term CHANCE, including proposition, luck, randomness, risk, and opportunity, as they explore 14th Street?s rich history, configuration, and heterogeneous communities. Projects include group walks mining the streets of downtown to discover and perform new folk rituals, interactive public projections encouraging community building, and handmade clay impressions made to record often overlooked architectural details along 14th street. Also featured are sound performances via roving boom boxes, a manual filtration system transporting water from the East River to the Hudson River by foot, and a site-specific dance performance based on chance procedures and indeterminacy. For more information, visit

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