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Public Art Installation NY - Clement Price-Thomas

Clement Price-Thomas

Feb 2008

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February 20, 2008
British Petrolium Pump Station, East Houston & Crosby Street, New York, New York, USA: 4th of November 2007. Installation Period: 3 and 1/2 hours. 95 ft x 400 ft x 40 ft For 3 and a half hours a constant jet of water was released vertically into the air from the sidewalk. The installation consisted of water taken from a New York City Hydrant put through a high pressure electric pump and released 95 ft into the air. Over the entire time the installation was operational 75 cubic tons of water were used. The viewers & passers-by were able to see the work from up close or 10 city blocks away. They were given the option of either walking the jet or going strait underneath it. The water starts its travels from the upstate reservoirs through a vast system of huge city pipes. It is picked up at the fire hydrant at Crosby Street, where it is narrowed down again through a smaller system of lines and valves before being released vertically into the city street air. The piping and mechanism used from the hydrant to the nozzle's end, is unhidden and open for all too see. Introducing this artery of water into the middle of Manhattan?s busy streets opens a discourse with the people of the city about what is taken for granted everyday and what is suppressed by both man and the city. The work was an exersise in raising the dialogues between the nature of the city and that of man in both physical and metaphysical manors. Spanning time and place to the only hard and real conclusion which is solid; that of eternal cycle of life and death in all things. In Clement's words, "What interests me in this piece is that it speaks of the skin we walk on. It is an open window to the body underneath and the life force that is apart from us and part of us. By making an event like this exist for a short period of time, it opens up the possibility of seeing through the daily repartition. Expressing a momentary equilibrium, the work looks real, but is not necessarily what it appears to be at first glance?.Website for "Whilst You're Sleeping"

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