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Brewer's Mansion

Oct 2010

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October 21, 2010
Brewer's Mansion, a new small gallery in Bushwick, is looking for artists to be featured in upcoming shows. Our next show opens November 6th, and will be centered around a collection of masks and interactive pieces. We're looking for a few more contributions -- wearable work especially (simple is good. An identity the viewer can assume; work that can be put on, rather than just looked at). We will have some work on the walls, too; all interpretations of the theme of false faces will be considered. The deadline for this show is OCTOBER 31ST. We're always looking for new work for group and solo shows as well. All media welcome! Please contact WITH IMAGES (I check e-mail on my phone pretty often and can't pull up your flash site). You can also stop by the gallery with work; our current location is 55 Waterbury between Scholes and Meserole.

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