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Notes on Nothing

Rene Francis Andino

Jan 2011

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January 15, 2011
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Survival Tips, Rants, Raves, On the Street, Community-based
Some people are sad all the time and some people are happy all the time. Most people are happy sometimes and sad sometimes. If one human being can produce results which supersede a possible outcome anyone intended or thought possible Then why can?t we all be happy all the time. When In which path did we stride where ego or Enthusiastic self preservation took precedence over being a complete race. There are still those all though very Few and far between that are still uneducated of the word war. I say ignorance CAN be bliss and that maybe if we Had looked left before we went right the world would b a better place. Compromising can b evil and truth is something We make up as we go along. A true gift will never be able to leave you unhappy no matter how great a sacrifice Doing the right thing when no one is watching is not good enough but doing the wrong thing for all the Right reasons and living with it, is. Difference is created by more then separation And situation and spurs only more in uniformity so I suppose nothing -Rene Andino

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