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Exciting Circuit Bending, Analog Synthesis, and Electronics in Music Workshops at Vaudeville Park!

Ian Matthew Colletti

Jan 2011

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February 14, 2011
Electronics in Music Workshop at Vaudeville Park! Sign Up now by contacting This 3-part workshop returns after an successful run in the summer of 2010. Learn about electronics, synthesis, and sound design by working with real circuits, hands-on! Register now to make your own electronic instruments and devices, and expand your musicality. Deli Magazine raves that Vaudeville Park has "great teachers with great energy... who work in tandem to describe minute details", and Bushwick BK writes that we're "lucky" to have "a course right here in Bushwick that teaches the basics of circuit bending". pic benji Sign Up for this 3-week course in February or March. Students can to repeat the course at a discounted rate to hone their skills and learn new tricks . Course A in February Week 1- "Money-Saving Skills for Musicians": Build your own contact mics for acoustic instruments, and save $$$ by making your own instrument cables. Week 2- "Hands-On Synthesis Workshop": This workshop includes synthesis history, theory, and most importantly, hands on sound design using rare analog keyboards from our collection. Week 3- "Instant Circuit Bending": Bring our own electronic toy to take apart and make music with!! A favorite. You'll learn the basic skills of circuit bending in minutes and begin making warped sounds with ease. All tools provided. Course B in March Week 1- "The Two-Hour Theremin": build your own light-sensitive Theremin in just one class. Then, pimp your new instrument with custom colors and containers. Week 2- "Hands-On Synthesis Workshop": Version B. Week 3- "Instant Circuit Bending": Version B. *This Workshop is designed to be affordable and is way below market rates for Electronic Music and Circuit Bending seminars. Pricing Standard Price $50 per Workshop $140 for a 3 week Course Special Promotional Price is now $40 per workshop $100 for 3 week course **For Course A there is a $12 parts fee for building your contact mic and instrument cable, and a $10 parts fee for the Circuit Bending workshop. ***For Course B there is a $15 parts fee for the Two-Hour Theremin workshop, and a $10 parts fee for the Circuit Bending workshop.

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