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The Poetry Salon

Psalmist Productions Inc.

Jun 2010

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April 14, 2011
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Psalmist Productions Inc. (PPI) takes its virtual Poetry Salon live on Sunday, May 1, from 4-6pm at Puppets Jazz Bar, 481 5th Avenue, Park Slope, Brooklyn, NY. The monthly, first Sunday feature will present highly acclaimed poets and writers and provide a forum for community based poets and writers to share their creative talents. With sets occurring in open mic format, running seamlessly, and highlighting guest artists, the Poetry Salon is sure to recreate the Salons of old where individuals from the worlds of literature and prose would gather at an intimate and inviting meeting place to entertain and impart to one another. The Poetry Salon promises to continue in that tradition by welcoming the unique words and voices of poetic artists as they express life thru their art form. Coupled with the mellow, smooth, relaxed and soothing ambiance of Puppets Jazz Bar, the true form of a Salon like tone is definitely present. Puppets, usually the haven for influential jazz artist and jazz enthusiasts, offers an eclectic vegetarian menu which furthers its intent to inspire wholeness of body, mind and spirit. For additional information on PPI and The Poetry Salon, please visit or call 212-946-5843, Ext. 3. For additional information on Puppets Jazz Bar, please visit or call 718-499-2622. Puppets Jazz Bar

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