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Closing Event for Art + Architecture Show at the Gowanus Ballroom

Gowanus Ballroom

Mar 2011

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April 15, 2011
SATURDAY APRIL 16 Gowanus Ballroom 55 9th st (at Serett Metalworks) Brooklyn, NY All good things must come to an end. Join the Gowanus Ballroom in giving the Art + Architecture show a great send off. This will be your last chance to see our little artist's wonderland before it's disassembled. We've got more live music, booze, and of course the art and installations that have turned our space into something really special during this rainy grey month. SCHEDULE FOR THE NIGHT: 8pm ChunkLundt 8:30pm Crooks and Perverts 9:30pm Union Street Preservation Society 10:30pm Morgan O?Kane 11:30pm Melody Allegra Berger And an appearance by Matthew Silver/Heartpocalypse Check out our website for full details about the show, and highlights from last weeks opening. $10 at the door once performances start. ABOUT THE SHOW: Art + Architecture 2011, a diverse and multidisciplinary exhibition of emerging artists, is comprised of works that examine, question, or outright challenge everyday interpersonal and contextual relationships. Through the integration of a variety of media including painting, sculpture, video, performance and works on paper, the installation weaves a wide ranging fabric of form and style, which envelops the immense Gowanus Ballroom and transforms the space into a thoroughly interactive experience. This affords both artist and audience a chance to dismantle and construct anew one?s perceived environment. By alternately reinforcing and undermining the suppositions defining social and physical arrangements, the exhibition implores participants to reexamine the boundaries delineating self. Art + Architecture is being presented in collaboration with Mister ArtSee. Featuring: Adriana Atema, Aimee Bonamie, Amy Consolo, Ben Wolf, Ben Mortimer, Brian Whiteley, Christina Kelly, Domestic Construction, Douglas Draper, Emma Stern, Felix Morelo, Georgie Flores, Gerri Davis, Heidi Tullman, Jay McDonald, Jason Gandy, Kristin Künc, Lopi LaRoe, Manonce Celestine, Matt Allison, Matthew Silver aka Heartpocalypse, Matt Stolle, Matthew William Robinson, Nathan Maxwell Cann, Nicholas Chatfield-Taylor, Patricia Watwood, Rob Zeller, The Objectionists, Serra Victoria Bothwell Fels, Shannon Gillen & Guests, Tod Seelie, Ursula Viglietta, Vanessa Cronan, and a still growing list others. Please check our featured artists page to learn more about our artists.

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