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Call for Artists- Group Show in the Gowanus Area

Gowanus Ballroom

Mar 2011

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May 26, 2011
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The Gowanus Ballroom is now accepting submissions for The Architecture of Devotion, scheduled to run from June 24th- July 3rd, 2011. ABOUT THE SHOW: What is the architecture of devotion? How does a particular space and the objects within transcend the physical, gracing the souls of some, while leaving others unmoved? Do we choose to experience, or is it inspired? This exhibition will contrast themes of devotion, ritual, and sacred places, with the mundane, routine, and temporal nature of the spaces we inhabit and the objects within. Artists are encouraged to interrogate the cavernous, cathedral-like space of the Gowanus Ballroom, to challenge our shared understanding of temporal spirituality, and to explore the confounding nearness between the sacred and profane. HOW TO SUBMIT: Submissions in all media are welcome: drawing, painting, photography, sculpture, mural, light, glass, installation, performance, video and multimedia work. Large scale installation proposals are encouraged. Please contact Ursula at with either attached samples, or links to work on the web that you want to submit for consideration. Written proposals for larger scale projects will also be considered. SPECIAL PROJECTS 1. Serra Victoria Bothwell Fels has donated her lovely treehouse to the Gowanus Ballroom. We are looking for proposals of installations that will work around the area of the tree house and integrate it's structure into the design (without compromising the structure itself.) This area includes the balcony that overlooks the lower level of the space, so the piece would be viewable from above and below.
2. We are also accepting submissions of stained glass or faux stained glass work for the window alcoves throughout the space. Each alcove is approximately 4'x6' in dimensions. Any subject matter will be considered, and the size of the work can vary so long as it fits within the space and can be back lit.

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