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Tickets Still Available for 50/50 Fundraiser @ Brooklyn Artists Gym

Rhia Hurt

Aug 2007

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June 16, 2011
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Seen in Brooklyn
Tickets are still available for our 50/50 Fundraiser on June 18th from 6-11pm! They are going fast, so this may be your last chance to participate in this great opportunity. The Idea: Connect 50 artists and their work to 50 art lovers (for only $100). Spend an evening in spirited ? and friendly ? competition over 50 fantastic pieces of art. We are raising funds to support BAG in upgrading our facilities, hosting community programs and lectures, and offering discounted studio space to artists in need. The Event: The exhibition will be up June 11th-18th, 2011. The main event will take place June 18th from 6-11PM. We will be hanging 50 pieces of work from 50 talented artists within the BAG community. We will be selling 50 tickets for $100 each. One ticket entitles its holder to one work of art. Tickets will be drawn at random during the party, giving their holders the chance to pick their piece from the wall and walk home with an amazing piece of art for a bargain. And our artists can meet their new collectors, as well as connect with the rest of the talent. A timeline: May 25th 50 artists donate their beautiful work to BAG. June 17th 50 tickets are snapped up, for $100 each. One ticket guarantees one piece of art. June 18th 6:00 pm: Ticket-holders meet artworks. They fall in love. 6:01 pm: Hearts race. Eyes dart from artwork to crowd and back again. For every ticket, the holder knows (s)he can take home one amazing piece. Will it be the one? 7:00 pm: The first ticket is drawn at random. The holder claims his/her beloved work. He/she can't believe just $100 purchased this fantastic art. 8:00pm: Non-ticket-holders stare with envy, knowing they have passed up a great deal. Our new collectors share a toast with the artists. Cheers to affordable art! Click here to purchase now!

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