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Brooklyn Artists Gym presents Rockers and Posers

Greg Stephens

Sep 2007

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May 27, 2008
Brooklyn Artists Gym presents Rockers & Posers BAG Gallery May 22 - June 5 Opening Reception: May 31, 6:00-9:00pm The Rockers & Posers show features contemporary artists focusing their talent on portraits. Represented in this show are the hated and the beloved. The dead and the living. The heroic and the unassuming. They all come together to speak to us the viewer. They stare at us head on. They passively look at their feet. There are also a group of tough broads, women who inspire us by their actions and their presence. All inspired the artists to interpret their essence. Each artist was inspired in unique ways, by big acts of heroism and small deeds of kindness. They search for the meaning in a gaze. They capture a moment in time, one facet of their subject?s personality. The artists in the Rockers & Posers show work to reveal the true inner life behind the everyday facade. They pay homage to the past and celebrate the future.
Brooklyn Artists Gym 168 7th Street, 3rd floor (between 2nd and 3rd Avenue) F to 4th Avenue, or the R to the 9th Street 718.858.9069 Brooklyn, NY 11215
Featured artists: Bill Ades, Mary Ann Aitken, ric Alugas, Arielle Angel, Gennadi Barbush, Brett Beyer, Christopher Boswell, Jordan Buschur, Nan Carey, Nat Castaņeda, Fat Che, Head Clausnitzer, Caitlin Clifford, Erin Courtney, Lauren Denitzio, Michael Dotson, Rachael Gardner, Carey Garris, Basem Hassan, Spring Hofeldt, Hokuto Ichikawa, Nancy Johnson, Robin Kappy, Heather Kelly, Theodore Kersten, Richard Kessler, Aaron Krach, Erika Kuciw, Luiza Kurzyna, Naomi Leibowitz, Diana Leidel, Jack Lovell, Jennifer Lui, Paul Meinel, Rick Midler, Patricia Paludanus, Celeste Rapone, Geoffrey Raymond, Baseem Rayyes, Julia Rice, Jenn Romaniszak, Marshall Sponder, Greg Stephens, Mare Vaccaro, Lara Wechsler, Sheila White, Heidi Yockey and Grace Yung Ting Teng. Curator: Michele Jaslow Gallery Assistant: Spring Hofeldt

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