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BRURAL Call for Submissions

Project 59, Inc.

May 2011

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October 25, 2011
SET Gallery is pleased to announce an Open Call from guest curator Agata Iordan for the show BRURAL: Art/&/of/♥/vs./or/Design Brooklyn artists with formal design education and/or who work as designers are welcome to apply. The exhibition will examine the nature of art and design, their boundary conditions, similarities and juxtaposition. It will include art works and samples of design from each artist. The art work in any media will be installed in the gallery, and the design project will be shown as documentation (sketches, drawings, photos, screenshots). Please, include in your submission: 1. Artist Statement with explanation of relation to both art and design, including answers to the following questions: - Why do you make art? - Why do you make design? - Shortly describe the difference and/or similarities in creative processes. - What is the difference (if any) between art and design for you? - Give an approximate estimate in percentage of how much time you spend making design and art. Selection will be based on art works merit only. Narrative is collected for research purposes. 2. CV(s) in art and design (optional) 3. Art works samples: up to 5 images or web addresses (to a specific work /project or detailed explanation how to find submitted 5 works) and up to 3 images/links for designs. 4. Work sample description. Art works without samples of design, design projects without art works will not be considered for this exhibition. Submissions by e-mail only to with ?Art/Design? in a subject line (each attached image not to exceed 2mb) Deadline: December 15, 2011 Exhibition is scheduled in March/April 2012. Art/&/of/♥/vs./or/Design is the first exhibition in a series of collaborative projects between curators and artists from Brooklyn and Ural region (Russia): BRURAL. This program is initiated and coordinated by Project 59,Inc.

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