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"A Decade of thought"

roman andrew gasowski

Sep 2009

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November 28, 2011
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Seen in Brooklyn
"Most of the work shown here is my most recent , the main idea or direction of my latest work is a multi-tiered and layered concept. I've always felt that it is important to understand what is underneath you, as in what came before you kind of like fossils . By using the grocery flyers and painting on top of them I have found that the layered look adds a dimensionality that gives the viewer a sense of depth and emotional feeling. The work plays on a whimsical theme and the social monotonous commercialization of our everyday lives, I consider the style of my work some where between Pop Art and tribal simplicity with influences in abstract impressionism and under tones of street life and graffiti. In addition to this concept I reuse what goes to waste, what we think as clutter . The art is fun ,and colorful it is green and 100% recycled. All the elements of these pieces offer a spiritual story from my experience living in the City and my connection to the spirits that live amongst us". bold word(s) title of the link

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