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Chilled Oily Nicely Corrupt Hearts (C.O.N.C.H.)

The 22 Magazine

Sep 2010

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February 10, 2012
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Community-based, Seen in Brooklyn, Rants, Raves, On the Street
Chilled Oily Nicely Corrupt Hearts (C.O.N.C.H.) C.O.N.C.H's acronym becomes Chilled Oily Nicely Corrupt Hearts for an inter-disciplinary examination of Valentine's Day's visceral horizon bearing down on all artistic creation. Equal parts raw harmony and kitsch, the blasphemy of Valentines is, for one night only, wedded to a more vibrant, primal metaphor. For our first show, C.O.N.C.H. presents an all-encompassing wedding for your hungry and/or jaded souls. The bloody psychological implications, the anatomy and symbolism of a heart nicely oiled by cultural expectation, experiential drama, and the dark genealogy of the holiday and its patron saint, all fuse into a show of scars, sounds, and sex on a silver platter Man to man, man to woman, woman to cantaloupe, pigs heart to chair, Klaus Nomi to Angelica Houston. Arrive at the quintessential Bushwick loft prepared to be wed to a person, object, or idea of your choosing. Feel free to dress in any aesthetic of wedding you desire: traditional, zombie, ABBA, church of Satan, Staten Island, the whole shebang. Best dressed = free bottle of champagne. DARA MALINA/INVERTED HERMIT, MATTHEW SILVER, PENDULUM SWINGS, ADRIENNE ANEMONE, HELVETICA TRIO AND MORE TBA! 8pm-1am at Wildlife Loft (245 Varet Street, L to Morgan) $5-$20 sliding scale donation at the door. C.O.N.C.H. is a curatorial collective newly formed by Cat Gilbert of the 22 Magazine, Esther Neff of Panoply Performance Laboratory (PPL), and Valerie Kuehne of The Super Coda. We investigate the various distinctions--and lack thereof--defining our respective mediums of curatorial focus: visual art/installation, performance art/experimental theatre, and creative/experimental music.

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