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Portrait Photographers wanted for 2 month exhibition

Sistah Friends Project

Feb 2012

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February 21, 2012
The Sistah Friends Project and Bembe are putting together a 2 month long exhibition in honor of International Women's History Month. The exhibition will take place at Bembe, 81 S 6th St in Williamsburg, with an opening reception and party Thursday, March 8th. The opening reception will feature sets and performances celebrating women's voices from around the globe. We're curating a show featuring portraits of women of color. The works will not be for sale and we will return your works at the end of the 2 month run. Please send a short artist statement and jpegs for consideration to by Friday, February 24th. SISTAH FRIENDS PROJECT Sistah Friends is an international arts initiative that recognizes and celebrates that the African diaspora spans the world. Using contemporary art practices, we form bonds and communities with our sistahs at home and abroad. Through self-portraiture and oral narrative projects, Sistah Friends creates a multimedia platform for honest and autonomous productions and reproductions of black women. The aim is to collaboratively reimagine, repoliticize, and recontextualize the black female form in order to salvage a complex history and to strengthen connectivity. BEMBE The combination of global music mixed with a warm and flavorful interior makes Bembe a fresh alternative to lounge culture. Layered with multicultural patrons, enticed with fresh fruit elixirs, and monthly art exhibitions, Bembe creates a colorful canvas rarely seen in NYC nightlife. We can all relate to and more importantly release our innermost expressions when no expectations are involved. From conception and throughout the entire process of building Bembe there was no plan, rule or demographic approach. Relentless determination and creative vision combined with spirit, a supportive staff, music experimentation and diverse people is what made it all come together.

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