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Rivers of Honey Call for Women Performance Artists of Color

Shawnta Deshawn Smith

Aug 2008

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March 15, 2012
Rivers of Honey 3-Part Call: 1) A Host 2) Feature Artists 3) Honey Bees for 2012 Spring/Summer Seasons Call for Artists Application Apply Here!!! March 1st Early Response Deadline Apply Here!!!

Rivers of Honey is accepting applications for upcoming 2012 Spring/Summer Season. Host Call A daughter of Oshun. Calling women to apply for hosting Rivers of Honey Cabaret who have the ablity to improv, introduce the audience to the show and artists, move her body to a drum if it beats, cackle to a call, and enlighten the room with her positive Oshun energy. Feature Artists Call Calling All ... Belly Dancers, Belters of the Blues, Burlesque Beauties, Choreopoets, Circus Cats, Comedy Queens, Dancing Dames, Drag Kings, Film Fetales, Girls with Guitars, Magical Musicians, Mistress MCs, Movement Madams, Pounding Percussionists, Savant Writers, Spoken Word Sorcerers, Storytellin? Sistahs, Thespian Talents, Visual Luminaries, Vocal Goddesses ? Honey Bees Call - Graphic Designer - Videographer and/or Editor - Photographer - Stage Hands - Light Board Operator ? Season Dates and Themes: April 6th ?Stand for Change & Social Activism Additional Spiritual Meditation and Respect to: Ogun ? the Orisha of Iron, War, Creator of Civilizations, Courage, Strength, Justice and Oaths, Executioner, Pathmaker, Force, Stabilization, Security, Protection May 4th ? Grandma\'s Hands -Healing and Nurturing our Spirits Additional Spiritual Meditation and Respect to: Yemoja/Yemeya/Yemanja ? the Orisha of motherhood, mother of waters (ocean), family, sexuality, sorcery, primal waters (lakes), nurturer June 1st ?Lesbian, Bisexual, and Two-spirited Pride, represent your natural creation of same-gender-lovng! Spiritual Meditation and Respect to: Obatala- the Orisha of creator of human form August 3rd ?Annual Underwear Party -Owning, Claiming, and Expressing our Sexy! As always, this show is paying Homage to Oshun, goddess of the Rivers. Artists are expected to perform in their underwear, swimsuit, pajamas, etc. in a hot/humid steamy theater to an audience of women in their underwear.

Call for Artists Application Apply Here!!! March 1st Early Response Deadline Apply Here!!!

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